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Age of: Mythology, Mythology Titans, Wonders Shadow Magic scenarios a

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Age of: Mythology, Mythology Titans, Wonders Shadow Magic scenarios and more

if you are into Age of Wonders Shadow Magic, Here are two scenario's part one "The Birth of Chuck" and part two "The Great Defender" Size: 445.39 KB


For all of you Age of Mythology fans, I have a 15 pack of 1 player scenarios (The real deal will definitely surpass anyone's expectations, even the creators of the game) Size: 4.34 MB

I suggest playing "Unchained" or "Humongous" first


For all of you Age of Mytholgy Titans fans, I mastered this 8 pack of extremely superior scenarios that would pale any other scenario you ever played by comparison both multi 3 vs 3 and single player (yeah I know it may look like I boast or am a little cocky but I back it up) Size: 2.21 MB

I suggest playing Multi 3 vs 3 "Scab Party" 1st or for single player "Acsend" or even "Game Wizard" first


Here is me on Acoustic Guitar, no singing, no back up ~ a six pack of my own originals I called What Really Matters consisting of titles "Universe", "Sun", "Earth", "Wind", "Water" and of course "Energy Matter Time". Size: 16.91 MB


All downloads are Zip files, and the games I zipped them so that when you unzip them you can just copy them all and paste them into the scenarios folder all at once (saves you allot of time) The games come with read me files in case you do not know what to do.

Well for all of you who indulge and I have no doubt that fans of these games will be blown away and most certainly will enjoy what I share with you all right here. You can download them here for free (just click the slow download when the link takes you to the download which is in my opinion not slow at all) and you do not have to sign up or anything, just download.

it's all on fileswap.com


David Jeffrey Spetch

Ps. Be good, be strong!

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