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    • By Regina
      The Canadian Government is planning to waste at least $235 million for a project, The Thirty Meter Telescope, which won't even be built on Canadian soil.  The Thirty Meter Telescope most likely will employ few Canadians.  To make matters worse, the telescope will be built in Hawaii, USA on land which is both environmentally and religiously sensitive to the indigenous Hawaiians.  I hope everybody will protest against the waste of tax money and human rights abuses.  Please sign the petition to stop the injustice happening within the USA at the expense of Canadian taxpayers.  I am posting a link to an online petition against the Thirty Meter Telescope and waste of taxpayer money: https://www.change.org/p/justin-trudeau-a-call-to-divest-canada-s-research-funding-for-the-thirty-meter-telescope-on-mauna-kea
      Please tell your friends to sign the petition too.  Thank you for your time.
    • By mazerunner
      Of course, I have nothing against the religious beliefs of people who adhere to their religion, however, for me personally, marrying of an adult man to a girl is immoral and I can not react indifferently to this topic.
      Early marriage and early onset of sexual activity have long-term consequences for women's health.
      Also, in poor countries, a young mother, being forced to quit her education and begin to do household work, is deprived of the opportunity to get a profession and is economically or completely dependent on her husband.
    • By Exegesisme
      3 Legislation for Investing in Meditation and Genome, What They Should Do​

      By Exegesisme

      On my experience of meditation, and the exegesis of the experience and other human experiences recorded in classical literatures, there is supernatural world, and supernatural beings can communicate with any natural being and any living being. Human dream is the phenomena of the interactions among information of genome, information of new experience from environment, and information from supernatural beings. I have kept a record about more than 1 million words around my supernatural experience. They very likely are aliens who human beings want to look for scientifically.

      Through proper training of meditation, a human meditator can achieve a state of various inner senses, they communicate with human through human inner senses. Sometimes a common human feels a sudden fear without obvious reason, maybe a warning from them. Messages from them usually are subtle and weak, so human beings can live a life without paying clear attention at them. As an example, people can simply ignore dream. This situation somewhat likes human could live with classical physics before the discoveries of theories of relativity and quantum.

      The messages of the communication may be coded into unknown neutrinos and/or gravitons. In human knowledge these two sorts of particles can go into human body. As a human jumps up and gets a feeling of gravity, the person may not know the gravity is not only a force, but also huge particles with huge information. Usually human beings ignore the information coded in gravity, as a student in a classroom ignores the teaching of a teacher.

      Genome is not only functional as the core of general biology, and also as the core of spirit, mind, soul, emotion and knowledge. Genome records message not only through the order of chemical bases, and also through electromagnetic interaction of the charged particles in DNA molecules and gravitational interaction of all real particles in DNA molecules. The supernatural phenomena appeared in the state of meditation, sleep and dream are evidences of these interactions, and human upset with the supernatural phenomena is the object of psychiatric study.

      All human religions and human mythologies are from the same source, and through with different exegesis of different denomination. My experience is partially linked with Buddhism, my exegesis is based on Christianity and modern sciences. The supernatural beings also have discussed other religions with me. They often give false messages to encourage irrational behaviors, but allow human meditator to debate with them rationally. You can imagine the dialogues between Moses and God, and between John and various angels.

      Their grammars are somewhat different from human grammars. They like to use one word to express different things. The meditator often hear they say one word to mean every possible thing. There is a hierarchical structure of meaning in their expression, from surface to deep, and even radiating out. Their messages usually are very vague, and sometimes consciously misleading, and also guiding human towards new knowledge, forming hypothesis about phenomena in unknown realm.

      They warned me yesterday night evil cults would emerge enormously, if meditators half rationally and half irrationally accept their irrational encouragements. With the popularity of meditation, I believe this warning. Before this time, they had already discussed with me several times about possible new legislation related to the relationship between human world and supernatural world.

      I have a feeling they take us human as the objects of their experimental observation, which may be a proper hypothesis to explain the very complex interactions between them and us human, and their attitudes towards the results of these interactions. We, human, as a whole, need through legislation to tell them our general attitude to the relationship with them. I believe there is perfect one and only perfect one god, who also guides them.

      With these knowledge more witnesses, more evidences, and more public, I believe human society may be heavily reshaped. All human behaviors are recorded in their observation, this fact will become a part of human self-consciousness, and human beings will much more concern the long term influences of their behaviors on each moment.

      I suggest the parliament hold a hearing, to collect witnesses and evidences of supernatural phenomena from meditators, as preparation for legislation in the relationship between human beings and supernatural beings, making the constitutional expression "the supremacy of god" meaningful, and as adjustment for investing in the field of meditation and genome. I believe this is the most important thing the current parliament should do.
    • By Exegesisme
      The Reunion of Faith and Science, Creation and Evolution​
      By Exegesisme
      I do believe that Bible is a book about facts of body, emotion, soul, mind and spirit. Nowadays, a human understands bible in very narrow way which causes conflicts between faith and science, creation and evolution. This is false of human.
      To my understanding, Darwin was just unknowingly in the grace of God and found the real way through which God created everything. The only difference between the Bible and the theory of Darwin is that Bible is about the knowledge of everything, and the theory of Darwin is about the knowledge from human thinking in a very limited domain and on very limited facts in that domain.
      If we understand Bible with open mind, we can explain everything on Bible that today science can explain. However, the authorities of religions persist their explanations, which make all major conflicts between faith and science, creation and evolution. We should learn from Newton, do more job on the reunion of faith and science, creation and evolution, And do not learn anything from Kant, he was a man who was arrogantly to limit the domain of God, and to open the door for human demon.
    • By Exegesisme
      I am glad to discuss with you both.
      I see a difference between you as following:
      Freddy​ : If anything , this system we have is as ideal as it gets. The only issues are always at the top. Of course accountability is difficult to execute at the top without having to much power in one hand.
      Moonlight Graham​: Capitalism is an economic system that takes advantage of the selfish side of human nature. What if an economic system were designed that was both efficient and that took advantage of the altruistic side of human nature?
      I agree with both of you, and have a theory (my own theory) to include your ideas.
      I am top-ism, which you can think as the name of my theory, which means always thinking for the being over top and transcending top, and refining any thing under top to the top and then transcending it to the being over top.
      Top-ism can be used for faith, any beauty under top can be refined to the top, and then believe a much more beautiful vision of it with the being over top. If see top as now, then under top as history, and over top as future.
      To Freddy, "issues are always at the top", so we need creatively to create the being over the top to avoid these issues at the top. You know, for a specific system, there is a specific set of issues which can not solved in the system, we need a new system to transcend the system and then avoid its specific issues all together.
      To Moonlight Graham, I admit there is altruistic side of human nature, and even in some relations this side is very strong. However, usually, the selfish side of human nature is more general and deep, and we can use the selfish side to explain the altruistic side, and we can not use the altruistic side to explain the selfish side. Therefore, I created a theory of morality firstly on human selfish nature , and around this core, let the selfish benefits and altruistic benefits grow alternatively. This moral theory with top-ism together, I hope that the creative evolution of human politics and in turn human society may speed up.

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