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Same Sex Marriage Foes = Bible Thumpers

Mighty AC

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For those who really honestly believe in small government, it's the obvious position. The question, for them, is not "why should the government legally sanction gay marriages?" but rather "why should the government be involved in marriage at all?"

That argument seems to pop up a lot when discussing the issue of same-sex marriage. (i.e. "why have the government set a definition at all?")

However, society does have an interest to having a legalized marriage "definition"... it simplifies issues such as immigration (i.e. allowing spouses to come to Canada), inheritance, the tax system, etc.

And yes, it would be possible to come up with alternatives to those which don't involve a legal definition of marriage (e.g. the use of contract law, common-law, etc.); however, those alternatives would, in many cases, be more difficult for the courts and government to deal with than just a simple "single or married" status.

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Wow, the Repubs in Iowa are attacking Iowa supreme court justices who decided that the Iowa constitution does not permit marriage discrimination. They would like to pass a bill that would reduce the salary of pro-equal marriage justices by 85%.

In 2009, the Iowa Supreme Court unanimously held that the Iowa Constitution does not permit marriage discrimination against gay couples. Four of the seven justices who reached that decision remain on the court today, and a pair of Iowa lawmakers have a plan to punish them four years after they extended the blessings of liberty to gay Iowans


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