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Quebec Needs Private Sector in the Arctic Region

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Now interest in Arctic mineral wealth is constantly rising. And there is no surprise that Quebec Territory, where almost 60% of Canadian French-speaking population live now, tries to receive specified share in the Canadian Arctic now.
Well, in 2006 the Federal Government had to recognize our province as a nation within a united Canada, and we decided not to secede from Canada. But it does not mean at all that Ottawa can not care a doit about us now!
Government of Canada should realize at last: if it vows to appropriate the lion's share of Arctic resources, then Parti Quebecois government will really block any international attempts to solve problem of Arctic segmentation. I fully believe that Pauline Marois, who takes an active role in the Arctic Quebec movement, keeps his promises (newsinreview.cbclearning.ca/tag/sovereignty/), and Ottawa directly administering Nunavut, Yukon and Northwest Territories will not be able to rob us of our lawful right!

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