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With that couple of bottles I just posted I also grabbed a bottled of Black Sheep and a bottle of Sam Smiths's organic ale. Great stuff.

Is Thornbridge a newer ale? I grew up in Yorkshire, but I don't remember it.

And the important question, do they export it?

Edit> I looked them up, and apparently they do come to Canada. The Halcyon IPA is highly rated.

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Hoegaarden reminds me of the way Thrills gum tastes. Anyone remember that purple, chiclet like gum that tastes like soap/aftershave?

I'm not a fan of Hoegaarden, as it does taste like aftershave. However, I highly recommend Kroenburg Blanc. It's a citrusy wit that is so good it's addictive. I'd call it a summer beer, but wouldn't turn it down any time of the year.


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Having a bottle of this to kick of the Christmas season. From Surrey, BC, no less. Not bad...

Nice! I stumbled upon it at Biercraft one night and it was delicious indeed. I'd say one of my favourites.

Edited to take the image out before Charles starts snipping.

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It is commonly accepted that you should never go food shopping when you are hungry. You hunger tends encourage puchases that you would not commonly make.

I use the same logic when I go to purchase beer. I try to have about 8 before entering and making purchases.

To what I can remember, it has worked in the past. ;)

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Edmonton has the mighty Sherbrooke Liquor for beer lovers, they stock over 600 different beers in the cooler. It can be overwhelming to pick a few and only a few. I went in for a six pack yesterday and ended up spending $93.

Ha! Been there, done that, got the dirty look from the wife!

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I was here a few weeks ago:


160 beers on tap and good food too. My only small complaint was the large number of IPAs - German wheat beer is more my thing - but I bravely persevered with a few of the hoppier local brews and survived the experience.

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