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NASA's TETRAD and The Coming Four Blood Moons

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Somebody brought up the Tetrad Blood Moon recently in US politics. The poster seems to think that somehow, it meant

the end times.

In my opinion, it's not really about the end times.....but more so, it's supposed to be more of a sign or prophecy that supposedly concerns major impact on Israel, and to the world. (and if I'm not mistaken, they were supposed to happen a few months after the appearance of the Blood Moon).

When I look at the recent events that happened after the last of the Tetrad Blood Moons (Sep 2015)....there were indeed major happenings that impact the world. ISIS plays big on this impact.

The entry of Trump in the Presidential election, is another one. He got everyone's attention.

Brexit might also be one of them - we don't know yet if it will have any impact to the world. EU might just be full of bravado right now - but when you really look at it, you can't help but wonder if it can really stand.

As for Israel, whoever wins in the US Presidential election in November, will greatly impact Israel.

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I have some patio lanterns, (really just Edison bulbs strung across my deck, but the other term reminds me of a kitschy Kim Mitchell song) and every time they turn on peasants rejoice shortly afterwards. Then hours later many of the jubilant celebrators experience headaches, and nausea. I believe it is a sign.

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