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Resurgence in Canadian Tennis

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Hard to take much interest in a sport where the same two or three four dudes can dominate the sport for decades at a time. "Who will win this year? Nadal or Ferderer?"


I actually somewhat agree with that sentiment. Beyond the obvious eye candy appeal of the women's game offers, it's a more entertaining version. It's way more wide open and the rallies are more interesting because they're aren't players with dominating serves like the men's game. Milos was destroyed by having his serve broken a grand total of 3 times.

If you did have a wide open sport where different guys win all the time, I could see a critique that there are no truly great players in the sport. The women's game is seeing that criticism because different women win all the time, where you can see the clash of the titans type battle between Federer and Djokavic.

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With the dearth of quality US talent, the American media are giving the Canadian talent lots of attention during the US Open.

Bouchard plays at centre court during Prime time for the second straight game.

The woman who beat her at Wimbeldon lost today. She, again, has a relatively easy path to the Quarters.

Milos also won in straight sets today, even though he played quite average.

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It's pretty gross/creepy/sexist/stupid.

Last year a woman asked her who she wanted to date. I know many watch women's tennis because it's women in skirts running around grunting. But still, try to treat them like the athletes they are.

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Genie is actually infuriating now. Over a year ago everyone loved her. Now she's this petulant brat that I almost want to lose. She lost last night in Toronto AGAIN.

Milos lost too but he's been battling injury. Vasik Pospicil seems to be the best Canadian now.

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If you were to ask anyone in July 2014 when both Milos and Genie went farther than any Canadians did in that year's Wimbledon who would have the best shot to win a major going forward, I think people would unanimously say Genie is going to win first.

Well not now, Genie is just now trying to rebuild her career after injury and disappointing results. Last night Milos beat 4th seeded Stan Warinka in a 5 setter to make it the Quarterfinals. Chances are very good he'll make it to the semi's as well.

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Milos got injured again.


I didn't see the match but he won a third set tie breaker then didn't give much resistance in the last 2 sets.

But down 2-1 in the fourth, Raonic pointed to his upper right leg and called for the trainer -- an injury he later described as an adductor issue. While there were no apparent signs of injury, he was broken at love a few games later. An inspired Murray took control, even channeling Lleyton Hewitt with a wild lawnmower-pull celebration after a clutch volley winner on break point.

He's definitely on his way up to ranks.

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Milos becomes the first Singles male to make a Wimbledon final by beating Roger Federer this morning. Now he got a reprieve by not having to face Novak Djokovic, but you gotta beat who's put in front of you.

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