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Ummm have you ever BEEN to Sask? It is far from an economic success =p I have relatives that live there and have visited it a few times myself, NDP rule has not helped them.

Wrong. Saskatchewan is on the brink of becoming a "have" province under the NDP and have paid off the deficits I believe.

Visiting a few poor relatives is not relative. Even very wealthy places have their poor.

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Right........ God those pigs are flying high today. Alberta is a have province. It has been for the last 10 years. Sask is a middle province. It defintiely isn't a have province but it isn't a have not.

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Load of crap.. When oil prices were $10 a few years ago Alberta had a balanced budget and was about to lower taxes (and still had the best health care in the country).

Saskatchewan balanced it's budget by raising taxes.

The real crime is equalization. When oil prices went up, the additional revenue the Saskatchewan government got from oil was LESS than the amount the feds reduced their equalization payment by... So higher oil prices COST saskatchewan money...

Seems pretty unfair to me.

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Vancouver Today 


at: 3:00 pm PST F° | C° 



Sunny High: 3°

Low: -3°


· Records & Averages

· Get this forecast by email

Hey, caesar, still pumped about your weather? :P

I just saw TV clips of SUVs sliding around Burnaby like curling rocks. I wasn't sure if I was watching the news or the Comedy Network. :lol:

I guess I shouldn't laugh; the thermometer outside says it's -10 here right now; a brisk, invigorating -10. And we've had a few centimeters of snow too. I guess the difference is that here, unlike Vancouver, a few cm of snow doesn't cause all-out chaos.


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And now on the news I see sandbags, pumps, and flooded vehicles in Vancouver. Sounds awesome!


It is

10 degress and Raining in January you can't go wrong.

I think the difference here is simply perspective, I mean if you live in an area were -15 is warm, vancouver wether may seem like the shits. But trust me when you live in Vancouver -15 is a violation of human rights, and yes I would take vancouver at 10 degrees and raining and half the roads closed over -30 and forzen balls any day.

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I love this! I lived on Vancouver Island for twelve years, then moved to Northern Alberta for the last four. Yes, it is really really really cold here. (But its a dry cold.)

I prefer the change of seasons, and the snow. Would like to tweak it a bit to allow more than 6 weeks of summer but hey you can't have everything. The long days mean you still get a great garden, and the snow means...of course, good sledding.

That said. when the old gang phones me to ask...."is it really that cold there as they said on the news?", I must admit to a twinge of envy.

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Klein said there could be some discussion about how to protect people who work in smoking environments, but added that people have a choice about where they work

King Ralph goes on record to say that he doesn't support a province wide smoking ban.

Say what you will about Ralph, he does seem to win in the common sense market. Smoking "bans" do not make people quit smoking, they make people stop frequenting businesses that ban smoking.

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