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It turned out this woman's husband who looks like her grandfather actually was ranting and raving and screaming at citizenship staff insisting she be allowed to wear her niqab.

No it didn't.

Also same women belongs to a group that has terrorist ties. But none of that matters does it?

No, not in the least. My four year old granddaughter has terrorist ties in the context you're using. So do I and everyone else on this forum for that matter.

BTW, are you going to answer the question I asked you? Or are you still confused about what I said?

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Niqab is not a Canadian value. It's an imported value that we cannot embrace. Mysoginy isn't welcome in Canada. Women are equal to men. Not subservient.

Which is why our charter of rights (not a imported value I remind you) allows women to decide what they want to wear, just the same as it does for men.

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Well, Justin may be able to thank the niqab for his better prospects.


The miscalculation by Harper was that he could grow his vote from the 30% hard core of believers. Depressing NDP numbers was always going to a big risk for him and so it looks like being.

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