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    • By Zeitgeist
      For 40 years Canadians have seen the NHL expand into US markets where the locals have little interest in hockey.  We understand that in some cases this has been a good thing for hockey, expanding interest in the sport and creating new hockey markets.  We also understand that sometimes the local Canadian hockey market couldn’t afford to support the team, as was the case briefly in Winnipeg and Quebec, mainly due to the currency exchange rate.  However, hockey markets like Montreal and especially Toronto are starving for additional NHL teams.  Toronto could easily support an additional two teams, probably one west of the city and one to the north.  
      NHL Commissioner Gary Betman shut down expansion into Toronto when investors wanted to move the money losing Phoenix Coyotes to Toronto.  Betman would rather prop up money losing US teams than add teams in markets where people love hockey and would fill seats in arenas.  Yes there are US expansion success stories, such as Nashville, but it’s ridiculous that teams like the Florida Panthers should exist while Toronto has only one NHL team.  The city of Toronto is now bigger than the city of Chicago, which has two Major League Baseball teams.  If Chicago can support two baseball teams, surely Toronto can support two hockey teams.  
    • By Exegesisme
      1 My Exegesis of Gravitational Constant, Aether, Dark Matter and Dark Energy, My Scientific Work​
      By exegesisme
      1, Gravitational constant G, is not a constant. It just reveals the property of the local space in which it had been measured. Its whole physical meaning is the accelerating contract rate of the local space under the action of one kilogram mass.
      2, The many measured numbers are the almost same which only means the local spaces in which they are measured share almost the same property, but not every local space shares almost the same property.
      3, Why can the mass even as small as one kilogram cause the contraction of the space? My answer is, there are very evenly distributed mass in the local space, the gravity between the mass and the local space with the evenly distributed mass cause the contraction of the local space.
      4, The evenly distributed mass is only even at the same distance from a dominating large mass such as Earth, and is different at different distance. The evenly distributed mass is denser at a nearer distance than a longer distance, so the gravitational constant G is smaller at a nearer distance than at a longer distance, for the nearer local space with the denser evenly distributing mass is harder to contract under the action of one kilogram mass.
      5, The experimental physicists are very easy to prove my exegesis, as long as the distance or height between any two measurements is large enough to make the difference of G can be measured by the method they choose.
      6, The fact is, although very large masses in our universe, our universe still is in accelerating expansion, why? The reason is, the evenly distributed mass is very small particles, these particles are with holy elasticity and have a random movement, which provides pressure against gravity to make our universe expanse. The force for the universal expansion is a new fundamental force, and also is responsible for the big bang. Other four basic forces can be unified as gravity, so, our universe has only two fundamental forces.
      7, This substance is the holy substance Aristotle once assumed. The holy substance with very subtle mixed magnetism is also the media for the field of macro electromagnetism, and even the media for gravity of all masses.
      8, The Michelson-Morley experiment is wrong of their experimental hypothesis, and is also wrong of their explanation of the experimental result on their wrong hypothesis. The holy substance is absorbed by every mass which human can measure, and is relatively still to the mass. Earth too absorbs the holy substance around. Earth moves with the absorbed holy substance, so they did not observed a relative motion between the holy substance and Earth. The speed of light did not change which just mean there is not relative motion between the holy substance and Earth.
      9, The holy substance is also the material to form the charge of electron and positive electron, and can move with electron as electron moves, which is the reason of the waving phenomena of electrons and other micro particles.
      10, The holy substance is both dark energy and dark matter, is the reason of the theory of relativity, and has many other properties and functions. The size of its particles is much smaller than the Planck's magnitudes.
    • By Rupert S. Lander
      A simple proposition:
      Since Bill C-290 has been overwhelmingly passed by the democratically elected House of Commons but stalled by the unelected Senate, and since C-290 only seeks to repeal a section of the Criminal Code of Canada and does not seek to add or amend any paragraph to the CCC, therefore, should C-290 be defeated or die on the order paper when Stephen Harper has the Governor General prorogue Parliament later this year, then:
      - would the Prime Minister be justfied of he were to advise the GG to use the Royal Prerogative of Mercy to extend a general amnesty that would grant unconditional immunity from prosecution to any party that may contravene Paragraph 207(4)b of the CCC, either now or in the future?
      - and if the GG issued such an amnesty, would that amnesty for all intents and purposes have the same legal effects as Bill C-290?
      I believe the answer to both questions is yes.
    • By Mighty AC
      Now that hockey is back I feel like pontificating on how we could make the game better. In your opinion, what changes or tweaks would improve the game?
      I have several ideas but I'll start with two:
      1) Division winners should not be guaranteed a top 3 playoff seeding, just a playoff spot.
      2) If we're sticking with this conference layout for now then I think the top 3 teams in each conference should be able to choose their first round playoff opponent. First place chooses their preferred opponent in the bottom 4, followed by second and third place. I think it will make the regular season a little more meaningful.
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