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I'm not sure how it's a microaggression either. As I gather a microaggression is when someone doesn't intend to be patronizing to an identifiable group but does so anyway.

But these does speak to this whole University as a "Safe" environment for students where kids can't be exposed to anything that may offended them or make them feel bad. Which of course doesn't prepare them for the real world in any way, shape or form.

I agree. It's idiotic what happened to this prof. It's PC nonsense.

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How is this a "micro-aggression"?

It's all about trying to get classical liberalism banned. 'Micro-aggressions' are just an excuse neoprogressives use to try to ban classical liberalism since they can't compete with classical liberalism in the free market place of ideas. Support for freedom of speech is also a classical liberal position that the neoprogressives hate.

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Bill Maher addresses Microaggressions in his latest New Rules segment.


Being upset about microaggression is about as useful as Right-wingers who believe their freedoms are being infringed on. In both examples people are protesting about very unimportant things.

I agree.

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