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Everyone who is found not guilty doesn't suffer a malicious prosecution. Just because the complainants were feminists doesn't mean that the case shouldn't have been brought forward.

There was no evidence of words that would be considered actionable in any other context. The entire case was premised on the idea that responding to someone's ideas in a public forum is 'harassment' if these responses were not desired.

In any case, I stated above that I did NOT think the prosecution met the criteria for malicious prosecution only that the Crown was incompetent.

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Deemed inappropriate by whom?

I believe that the recent court decision set the precedent that because a person "feels" harassed does not mean they are being harassed. If a young lady is swimming in a pool and 3 black guys walk in can she ask them to leave because she "feels" afraid and uncomfortable with blacks? Or a black woman in a pool with three white guys?

Actually in Elliot's case, it is acceptable to harass under some conditions: "In Elliott’s case, the judge found Elliott was harassing the women by repeatedly tweeting them and that he knew they were harassed. He found, however, that Elliott’s actions failed to reach the level of criminal harassment, because it was not reasonable, on the facts of the case, for Guthrie and Reilly to fear for their safety, physical or psychological."

The only manual that is in play is that it is a public place giving equal access to all members of the public who are following the law.

I do not know what your criteria is for the difference. Please share it so we see if we are on the same planet.

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