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First, this is a summer movie and abroad, I saw it dubbed in a foreign language. (Dubbed? Kevin James plays Chris Christie, Aaron Sorkin-HBO-style.)

Second, I did not fall asleep. I laughed while the CGI ate the Taj Mahal. I enjoyed the 1980s music (but like my companion, I did not understand all the 1980 references.) I reckon that if you were born after 1990, or born outside the USA, you may find some parts of the movie hard to understand.

Third, Adam Sandler? I reckon that he's better than Ben Stiller. Take your kids, laugh, and explain as you drive home.

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I am continually puzzled by your tastes, August.

All of the fine movies and actors you've crapped on over the years, and here you are praising one of the worst reviewed movies of the year and a 'comic' actor who hasn't had a funny movie in a decade.


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The 2016 Razzie nominations are out, and Pixel will be a contender in many major categories, including:

Worst Picture!

Worst Actor! (Adam Sandler)

Worst Supporting Actor! (Kevin James)

Worst Supporting Actress! (Michelle Monaghan)

Worst Screenplay!


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I'm surprised Gem and the Holograms and Terminator Genesys aren't on there. It's the usual Adam Sandler et al show at the razzies with Pixels and Paul Blart features prominently. Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if Sandler is bankrolling the razzies now as a way to promote his studio's works.

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