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Reconstitution Of Canada

By Exegesisme


1 California Institute of Technology (Caltech)

2 Harvard University

3 University of Oxford

4 Stanford University

5 University of Cambridge

6 Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

7 Princeton University

8 University of California, Berkeley

9 Imperial College London

9 Yale University

11 University of Chicago

12 University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)

13 ETH Zürich – Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich

14 Columbia University

15 Johns Hopkins University

16 University of Pennsylvania

17 University of Michigan

18 Duke University

19 Cornell University

20 University of Toronto

As you see the Top20 rankings of world university, what do you feel, and how do you feel?

I feel that our dear Canada has lost on the top, is losing on the top, and will lose on the top, if we do not do anything significant.

What is wrong with our dear Canada? In the field of higher education, USA is so strong, UK is so strong, but our Canada is so weak! I have tried to look for the reason for a long time, but I have not get the key. Now I believe I get the key, the unconstitutional practice of federal politics.

"Whether MPs should act as delegates or trustees, both views of representation are constrained by another reality of Canada's parliamentary tradition: party politics and discipline. Most MPs are members of a political party and, as such, are required to follow the wishes of their party when deliberating and acting in the House. In Canada party discipline is much more acute than in other western democracies. In the United States and the United Kingdom, for example, representatives enjoy considerably more freedom from their parties. Canadian MPs, however, are expected to follow the direction set by their parties' leadership and caucus — even when that direction is in opposition to their views or the demands of their constituents."(2)

That is the party politics and discipline! Under the party politics and the party discipline, our MPs in the House even can not represent themselves and their constituents, and their freedom is considerably less than their counterparts in both USA and UK. Our MPs even can not protect their own constitutional freedom in the House! Our higher education system is under suck a federal party politics and party discipline, does not surprise me by losing in long run on the top.

As I review the role of the prime minister, and his or her office, the information even surprises me more.

"Unwritten constitutional convention holds that this authority is actually exercised by the Prime Minister and his/her Cabinet." (3). Here I understand as the authority of the Prime Minister is constitutional convention although unwritten.

"The PMO represents an important central agency in the Canadian government. The term 'central agencies' refers to a group of government administrative bodies whose responsibilities extend across all policies areas. This is due to the Prime Minister’s position at the pinnacle of executive political power in the federal government, and the PMO’s role as the Prime Minister’s personal exempt staff. The PMO acts as an extension of the Prime Minister in his/her dealings with other parts of government and the parliamentary system as a whole and, in this context, plays an important role in political decision-making."(4). Here I learn that the role of the PMO is the central agency as an extension of the Prime Minister in the unwritten constitutional convention.

"The Constitution is recognized as the supreme law in Canada."(4). "This notion of supremacy carries with it the principle of Constitutionalism. Under this principle, no political actor or institution is above the principles and norms as defined by the Constitution. Regardless of whether one is the Monarch, the Prime Minister of Canada, a provincial Premier, or an elected representative in a legislature, all are legally obligated to act in accordance with the constitutional rulebook."(4).

Here, I learn that the Constitution is the supreme law, and the different parts of the constitution are in balances of each other according each significance in the constitution. However, the balances is still at low level, which have made too much authoritarian and too less freedom, and in turn have made Canada lose the contest of higher educational systems on the top international in long run.

For improving everything needed in the future of Canada, our Canadian people should check our constitution, and even reconstitutes Canada if in need.


(1) https://www.timeshighereducation.co.uk/world-university-rankings/2015/world-ranking#/sort/0/direction/asc

(2)​ http://mapleleafweb.com/features/house-commons-introduction-canadas-premier-legislative-body

(3) http://www.mapleleafweb.com/features/canadian-constitution-introduction-canada-s-constitutional-framework

(4) http://www.mapleleafweb.com/features/prime-minister-s-office-canada-responsibilities-organization-and-issues

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I don't see the correlation between elite universities and federal party discipline. Also, remember that education is legally under provincial, not federal, jurisdiction.

1) The rankings show education in Canada is an issue from eyes on top, do you agree?

2) "In the United States and the United Kingdom, for example, representatives enjoy considerably more freedom from their parties. Canadian MPs, however, are expected to follow the direction set by their parties' leadership and caucus — even when that direction is in opposition to their views or the demands of their constituents".

In the House, the constitutional freedom of MPs and representative function are pressed by party politics and party discipline, do you agree?

3) If the MPs can not represent their own willingness in the House, then how do they represent their constituents? If they can not represent both, why do we the people need them, and need the House?

4) the constitutional freedom is fundamental not only for MPs in the House, but also for each of Canadian citizens, do you agree?

5) "Unwritten constitutional convention holds that this authority is actually exercised by the Prime Minister and his/her Cabinet."

If the pressure on constitutional fundamental freedom is also sourced of the constitution, we the people should ask for reconstitution, should we?

6) If the constitution can not prevent the actual federal politics presses the constitutional freedom of the MPs in the House, then how can the constitution prevent other forces press the constitutional freedom of each member of the people?

7) the constitutional freedom is fundamental for all other benefits of the people that include but not limit to the progress of higher education system, if the constitutional freedom of Canadian people is considerably less than other peoples, it is reasonable that the space for other benefits is also considerably less.

8) If only one or few provincial educational systems in problems, that are provincial problems. Now, all the provincial educational systems are in problems, that are the problems of the nation. If these problems there are from history to now and in tendency into future, we should consider that they are also probably the problems of constitution.

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