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The Message I Recieved From Super-Nature Just Now

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The Message I Recieved From Super-Nature Just Now​

By Exegesisme

Just now I had a dream. In the dream, there was a baby, made his/her fingers dirty by rubbing his/her fingers on the ground, and then put his/her fingers into his/her mouth.

I waked immediately, and heard sounds said "someone is eating zhun tou pi." and repeated fast a few times.

According to direct exegesis of message and dream from my own future-directed super-applied-meditation, this message means that someone is cribbing my new expression in this website.

If there is such a thing, I advice that person clearly gives me the credit of the new expression on this website by reference. You should know that the super-nature recorded all your behavior by micro-gravity.

I announce that I keep all my legal rights of my new expressions both on this website and other situations.

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    • By Exegesisme
      4 Love In Loves, Holy Woman*
      by exegesisme
      In loves
      I use all my love
      Around you
      Do you feel
      I am a man
      You are a woman
      I love you
      Represent all men
      Can I
      All in my dream
      You are my ideal
      I meet you just now
      After a storm
      My love passed a test
      * Introduction for discussion or topics of the coming series:
      1 I will post all my poems about Holy Woman in this thread beside the first three poems.
      2 I hope I can finish the expected series in this thread.
      3 It is all about love, beauty, aesthetics, with symbols from holy bible, other classical works, and mythologies.
      ​4 All sorts of positive and valuable contributions are welcome and admitted, your knowledge will be really challenged by following the series.
      5 I promise to send you something making sure of your positive and valuable contribution after I finish the series, no matter it is published or not, as long as you concern something to awake you your contribution here.
      6 For example, you may discuss who might be the holy woman, or the qualifications to be a holy woman.
      7 You may discuss all sorts of love in all sorts of works, theories, or historical figures.
      ​8 You may imagine what sort of love is your ideal or dream.
      9 What is essence of love, what is nature of love, are they the some or different?
      10 How to improve the level of love practically in real living? What is the major difference or differences between a real love and an imagine love? What are the relations of love with other emotions?
      11 According to physics, the whole universe was from a point. According to bible, the whole universe is being from the Word. I hope you see each word in my poem is an image of the Word.
      12 I hope there are enough readers discussing by your own. You can imagine you are the poet, can you represent all men or all women to love?
    • By Exegesisme
      The Dream to See a Female President in USA​
      By Exegesisme
      I understand the dream to see a female President in USA, and also there is a momentum for the dream. I respect the American dream of Hillary Clinton, however, she is not well prepared enough to overcome the scrutiny on the way of the most top dream. She prepared herself in traditional manner, but runs in the information era.
      If she had been more sensitive for things on the edge, she would have had more momentum. The truth is, her privilege feeling lets her make some decisions for more risk enjoyments. Sometimes this attitude is a self-training, sometimes this attitude really dig some unknown traps.
      I hope that Hillary can receive the reality, and expect the emergence of the next female of USA on the way of the most top dream in USA.
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