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China How to Overcome Those Remains of Mao

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China How to Overcome Those Remains of Mao​

By Exegesisme

Those remains of Mao are huge in China today, even after the economic reformation of Deng. The source of the wide and deep corruption is rooted in Mao.

Those remains of Mao mainly include that communist party, that army of that party, that disguised system of nation, that corpse of Mao, that bad influence of Mao in deep of each person in China, and so on.

That communist party should be cancel, and release the people from that party, and the coalition of other parties take the power.

That army of that party should be reformed to be royal to the nation of China.

That disguised system of nation should be reformed on modern human politics, as the liberal republic.

That corpse of Mao should be cremated, and that building for memory of Mao should be changed for memory of all the deaths in the change of power from history to now.

That bad influence of Mao in deep of each person in China should be deal with compassion and consoling, and mainly leaves to each one to heal with the graceful time.

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