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Political Philosophy for Human Future 1 Definition

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Political Philosophy for Human Future​ 1 Definition

By Exegesisme


Definition: originally in physics, the rate of doing work.

Human Power

Definition: the rate of doing work on human source, including physical source, emotional source, soulful source, mindful source, and spiritual source. And human, refers from one human to all humans.


Definition: the appearance of something in the process from its beginning to its end.


Definition: the being of human power for the future of itself.

Political Philosophy

Definition: the study of the being of human power for the future of itself.(1)


(1) For politics should be full of wisdoms, the study of politics should be political philosophy.

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    • By Scott Mayers
      This is a Federal announcement by Morneau and why I placed this topic here and NOT in 'political philosophy'. But it is just as valid there.
      I just saw on CTV's news network (or CBC's, given I watch both back and forth)  that Morneau is proposing to suggest a law that exposes the ownership of corporate shareholding. I thought about this long ago as what is NEEDED in our day because we cannot determine where conflicts of interest exist. Our society (worldwide) is losing ground on faith in the marketplace precisely because there are highly likely hidden cross-ownerships in shareholding of APPARENT distinct competing companies. This hidden capacity is protected in secrecy mostly for the sake of making shares "liquid" (easy to exchange as dollar bills). This originally was an accidental factor about the nature of that liquidity.
      Anyways, his announcement is likely a distracting appeal to give those like myself a willingness to overlook his own recent concerns of inappropriate financial behaviors. But this is as much good news to prevent any behaviors of his concern if only because it publicly spells out who actually CONTROLS which industries. Many industries now are 'virtual monoplies' to which we can assert as a conjecture but cannot definitively PROVE because of the secrecy protection provided by Corporate Laws prevent this one major factor from demonstrating it. 
      What do you think, if you follow the economics? Did you ever consider this secrecy concern yourself? AND, do you actually think that this major gesture of change that could expose too many people in the corporate world would actually pass if proposed as a bill?
    • By Exegesisme
      20 All Violent Behaviors Are Terrorism, Political Philosophy for Human Future
      by exegesisme

      1xπ As I read the quoted information, I realize US is fighting US under the name of fighting terrorism, and human made a wrong definition of terrorism and used unproportioned resources to fight the wrong defined terrorism.
      2xπ According to the information quoted, if peace or free from fear is what we really need, we need redefine terrorism as: all violent behaviors are terrorism.
      3xπ I understand US history, which has shaped US nationality with many advantages and gun crime as a disadvantage, is important for the development of world history. However, in future, US may have a task to reshape her nationality for overcoming her gun crime disadvantage.
    • By Exegesisme
      4 Definition of Exegesisme, My Spiritual Work​​
      by exegesisme
      1xπ exegesisme, under reference from god, in grace of god and holy time, and with words in the framework of omega theology of bible, I study, research and create my own me, for approaching my identity of future Christian, as preparation of the second coming of the Christ with his new name.
      2xπ revelation3:12 him who overcomes I will make a pillar in the temple of my god, never again will he leave it. I will write on him the name of my god and the name of the city of my god, the new jerusalem, which is coming down out of heaven from my god, and I will also write on him my new name.

    • By Exegesisme
      11 Transcending 10 Traditions, Political Philosophy for Human Future​​
      By Exegesisme
      I hope a new civilization in human future, by transcending 10 traditions in grace of God.
      1, Future Word Advent transcends all present denominations of Christianity on exegesis of Bible in truth and in spirit.
      2, Future peaceful revolutionary Re-Constitution transcends historical American revolution and its seguelae.
      3, Re-Organizing common-law and civil-law empirically transcends England tradition.
      4, Peaceful attitude and graceful monarch transcends Canadian tradition.
      5, Constitutional conscience transcends German tradition.
      6, Constitutional peace transcends Japan tradition.
      7, Neo-Recreating language transcends all sorts of linguistic traditions.
      8, Exegesis on Bible of witnesses in grace of God transcends all sorts of meditating witnesses.
      9, Essential science and technology transcends natural science and technology.
      10, Top-holism transcends all up 9 transcendences and any good ingredient from any other tradition.
      All on contribution to the new civilization, the position will change as one not obviously referred makes more contribution than one obviously referred.
    • By Exegesisme



      8 Controled Climate Change of Earth, Political Philosophy for Human Future​
      By Exegesisme
      1, The climate change of earth is controlled by God for the cooperation of creation of life.
      2, The history of the controlled climate change of earth is discovered by scientists in the field of climate change.(1), (2), (3).
      3, The controlling mechanism is to control the absorption and radiation of photons of atom within earth through the controlled absorption and radiation of undiscovered neutrinos, and to control the production of photons within sun through the controlled radiation of discovered neutrinos.
      4, The undiscovered neutrinos are the neutrinos which will be absorbed or radiated in the process of electron-jump between its vibrating positons around the nuclear of an atom. Maybe all neutrinos are the imagined undiscovered gravitons.
      5, God controls the behaviors of neutrinos through quantum mathematical models or models of mathematical quanta, in turn controls all other motions hierarchically, including human thoughts and human politics. ​The control from God is the control of probability.

      (1) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paleoclimatology
      (2) ​http://serc.carleton.edu/microbelife/topics/proxies/paleoclimate.html
      (3) ​https://www.ncdc.noaa.gov/news/what-are-proxy-data
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