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When Will the Huge Bottom of Stock Market Come?​

By Exegesisme

The technology stock market touched its long-term top on July 20, returned down to touch a short bottom on Aug. 24, now seemingly on the way up.

However, the long-term top of the information technology was already touched, and no other technology can replace the position in the following at least ten years, the technology stock market lacks substantial support in the coming at least ten years.

In the coming ten years, at beginning, the technology stock market will be pulled down by "gravity" of stock market repeatedly, to look for its huge bottom in long run. The time will be a period from fifteen to fifty mouths, the real time and the level of the bottom will be shaped by other important elements, such as the trust of the technology stock market on the leadership, the technological policies, and the economical policies of the key political leader.

And the huge bottom, the technology stock market will have a fast rally which is a period from twelve to twenty mouths, and then waves at a relative low level by the pressure of the last long-term top. As the dawn of the next technology great tide appears, together with other forces, the technology stock market will take over the last top, and wave forward towards its new long-term top.

The first half of driving energy will be from hope, and the second half of driving energy will be from profits, as usual.

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