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The Dream to See a Female President in USA


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The Dream to See a Female President in USA​

By Exegesisme

I understand the dream to see a female President in USA, and also there is a momentum for the dream. I respect the American dream of Hillary Clinton, however, she is not well prepared enough to overcome the scrutiny on the way of the most top dream. She prepared herself in traditional manner, but runs in the information era.

If she had been more sensitive for things on the edge, she would have had more momentum. The truth is, her privilege feeling lets her make some decisions for more risk enjoyments. Sometimes this attitude is a self-training, sometimes this attitude really dig some unknown traps.

I hope that Hillary can receive the reality, and expect the emergence of the next female of USA on the way of the most top dream in USA.

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4 hours ago, Nefarious Banana said:

That makes Hillary a winner on all counts . . . . . 

That, at least, is arguable, or was. But the available women Biden has to pick from this year are all considerably less experienced and able than Clinton was.

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4 hours ago, Nefarious Banana said:

That makes Hillary a winner on all counts . . . . . 

Stumbling and bumbling Biden, and liar Hitlery will make a great pair indeed. If everyone thinks that America is in trouble with Trump being the president now just wait if those two kooks ever took the presidency. If you want to see a country go downhill in a hurry then those two will be toe ones who can do just that. When comrade Obamarama was president, along with his sidekick Biden running the show, America was on a free fall to oblivion. Trump saved America from oblivion. But listening to the lying commie democrats and the lying American media everyone has been given the impression that Trump is the one sending America into oblivion. With those two idiots in power, the good old America days will be gone for ever. If Americans want communism then they should vote for those two commie idiots mentioned above. If Americans want freedom and liberty and prosperity than they better vote for Trump. Just saying. ;) 

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On 9/7/2015 at 5:27 PM, drummindiver said:

The dream is to have the most competent person, regardless of gender or race or party line win.

Competence could still be a military war hawk or a totalitarian gagger/ enslaver.
IE most likely what the people really want.

But if she were a female bitch... hot mama, like Tulsi with a machine gun, calling for war! OH YEAH!!

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