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Just to make it clear - I have asked on the thread earlier today that moderation comments be taken to the thread on that topic in Support and Questions. Your posts will be removed if you do not heed that warning, thanks.

So I see you are a World federalist, Mike. You may get your wish as the Paris Climate Scam will be one step in achieving your dream. Canada will slowly lose its sovereignty to the UN. I have no use for the UN and I'm disappointed that you hold such a high opinion of the crooked organization that caters to cronies and despots.

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Max wet bulb temperatures in the Gulf are around 31 C. Humans can survive up to 35 C wet bulb temperatures. So you need + 4 C. But the Persian Gulf is in an equatorial region and warms less than polar regions and the globe as a hole; factor this in and you need 7 C of warming, which realistically isn't going to occur over the next century.

How hot? The heat index — which combines heat and humidity — may hit 165 to 170 degrees (74 to 77 Celsius) for at least six hours, according to numerous computer simulations in the new study.

You're ignoring the heat index which would make your 35C feel closer to 45C.

You can say what you like about the subjectivity of a heat index but go tell it to anyone who empirically measures how species ranges change over time because it simply gets 'too hot' to survive.

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