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    • By Exegesisme
      4 Fundamental Changes of Science Will Be Very Soon, My Scientific Work​​
      By Exegesisme
      1 Fundamental changes of science will be very soon.
      2 I am discovering the structure of atomic nuclei and a crucial progress was made recently. The structures of atomic nuclei such as Ca, Fe, Ni and so on are as clear as the structure of molecules in front of me, the positions of every proton and neutron are careful arranged in my model of atomic nuclei.
      3 The modern physics has been built fundamentally on mistaking principles, their validities will be recounted on new principles.
      4 Sleep meditation will become the most fundamental mothed of scientific research and other human important practises.
      5 Some results now are already well prepared for journalism to make big news.
    • By Exegesisme
      The Three Lines of Bible and Biblical Politics
      By Exegesisme
      Through the discussions in my thread "Bible and History, 'Who Never Know' ​", I learned there are three lines interconnected each other. One line was about the out living experience of the outside world, the other line was about the inner living experience or spiritual experience of the enlightened authors, and the third line was the hypothetical thinking for the obvious irrational facts they knew in their eras.
      To my understanding, the readers in our era should read bible through the three lines for proper exegesis of the verses in the bible. Through this way of reading and exegesis, we may learn a kind of biblical politics from about ten thousand years ago to about 100 AD.
    • By Exegesisme
      11 Transcending 10 Traditions, Political Philosophy for Human Future​​
      By Exegesisme
      I hope a new civilization in human future, by transcending 10 traditions in grace of God.
      1, Future Word Advent transcends all present denominations of Christianity on exegesis of Bible in truth and in spirit.
      2, Future peaceful revolutionary Re-Constitution transcends historical American revolution and its seguelae.
      3, Re-Organizing common-law and civil-law empirically transcends England tradition.
      4, Peaceful attitude and graceful monarch transcends Canadian tradition.
      5, Constitutional conscience transcends German tradition.
      6, Constitutional peace transcends Japan tradition.
      7, Neo-Recreating language transcends all sorts of linguistic traditions.
      8, Exegesis on Bible of witnesses in grace of God transcends all sorts of meditating witnesses.
      9, Essential science and technology transcends natural science and technology.
      10, Top-holism transcends all up 9 transcendences and any good ingredient from any other tradition.
      All on contribution to the new civilization, the position will change as one not obviously referred makes more contribution than one obviously referred.
    • By Mighty AC
      Even though Gary Count Chocula Bettman tried to downplay expansion with a litany of caveats, the NHL will almost certainly expand in time for the 17-18 season. In a test season ticket sale in Las Vegas 13,500 seat deposits were collected in a short period of time, which is pretty good. The AEG/MGM partnership could certainly afford the half billion dollar expansion fee and an NHL club as an anchor tenant would help fill the gaps between concerts and big ticket fights at the arena already under construction. In my opinion, Vegas is a done deal so what will the club be called? The Outlaws name is perfect, but taken. Maybe revive the Las Vegas Posse? I think the Las Vegas Vagabonds, Las Vegas Lewd or Degenerate Hookers (Ho's for short. Go Ho's Go) could work.
      I also think Phoenix will move to Quebec and a second new club will be added. I hear Seattle is in the running, but with an expansion fee of $500M or higher the smart move would be to add a second Toronto club. Thoughts?
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