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1 M-Theory Non-Perturbative Region, My Study with Sleep Meditation

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1 M-Theory Non-Perturbative Region, My Study with Sleep Meditation
By Exegesisme
2:27 PM 2015-11-20​

1 I read the mother of all superstrings from the website


2 I felt it is important as I read a concept as non-perturbative region, which appears in the sentence: But until recently, there has been a glaring weak spot: string theorists have been unable to probe all solutions of the model, failing miserably to examine what is called the “non-perturbative region,”...

3 I tried to fix this idea by myself. I thought it is not the center of the universe, which is center, the gravities from all directions are balanced here, so the composition of forces is zero, and an any other trivial force can act on the universal center, makes the composition of forces become non zero, and then makes the center of the universe move a little, no matter how little it is.

4 so the non-perturbative region may be at the very edge of the universe. Any particle there may be pulled by gravities from all other particles from the same side, so the composition of forces is large enough to make it hardly feel one other trivial force. I guess the very edge region of the universe may be very likely the non-perturbative region of M-Theory.

5 then I went to sleep, tried to see what the supernatural being tells me.

6 I lay on bed, and fell into sleep faster than usual.

7 I see I stand in a classroom, and there are a few other students in the same classroom. I try to bend to do something, but I fell down into the air without touching the floor. My body is in the shape of Cleopatra in the film Cleopatra, as she is carried on the should of others and sent to in the front of Caesar. My body keeps straight and moves around in the air of the classroom. Meanwhile, I hear a familiar woman sound about something of a meal. A while later, I hear a peaceful and warm and unfamiliar woman sound in Chinese 信赖, in English means trust.

8 I wake up, and try to feel the farther meaning of trust. A great trust should mean this way, your trust ultimately works for you. As you trust, your soul is on the peace of trust, your sound is in the calm of trust, your behavior is on the way of trust.

9 ultimately, you trust your soul, you trust your sound, you trust your behavior.

10 others you trust, ultimately are around your soul, around your sound, around your behavior, no matter transiently on each moment where are they.

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