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4 Canadian Liberal and Canadian Conservative, My Study with Sleep Meditation​

By Exegesisme
1:58 AM 2015-11-22​

1 Canadian style is more conservative than American style, this is an advantage of Canada on criteria of quality life.

2 So, Canadian liberalism on Canadian nationality, is more conservative than American liberalism.

3 Conservative in my eye, is making the greatest achievement with the least change or efforts, in other words, the most efficiency.

4 So, Canadian style conservative is not for no change, but is for most valuable change.

5 As Canadian conservative looks chance for the most valuable change, maybe loses the chance for the second valuable changes.

6 So, the mission of Canadian liberalism, is carrying on the second valuable changes along the way looking for the most valuable change.

7 Canadian conservative prefers to keep resource for the most valuable change, and Canadian liberal prefers to use resource in the second valuable changes. If this is not their marked difference now, this should be their marked difference in future, and this marked difference should lead other differences.

8 So, the most second valuable changes are done by Canadian liberal, which leaves Canadian conservative more momentum to make the most valuable change.

9 But the time may not be sure to provide them the chance in this way, the time may assign Canadian liberal the chance for the most valuable change, and leaves the second valuable changes for Canadian conservative.

10 This account is in grace of god.

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