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    • By Exegesisme
      I have a hypothesis for a long time about The Difference of Mother and Father In Genetics of Mental Ability. In my hypothesis, the contribution of a father to intelligence is created to his X chromosome. His X chromosome with created intelligence is actually inherited to his daughter, and to his grandson through his daughter.
      For improving the genetics of the created intelligence, a well-achieved man should have more children in his later life. However, the practice of human reproduction does really ignored the genetics of the created intelligence. Should human change their behavior of reproduction for improving the genetics of the created intelligence?
    • By Exegesisme
      14 Spiritual Conflict Is The Mother of Good Politics, Political Philosophy for Human Future
      By Exegesisme
      1 human civilization can only developed from good politics, evil politics should be deconstructed and then reconstituting in history and thought, only after that can make contribution to human civilization.
      2 spiritual conflict is the core of bible, and makes good politics. Traditionally, good politics is not without violence, but with limited violence of good reason, and achieves good stage with limited violence.
      3 spiritual conflict is through reflection and speech in form of well organized spiritual debate, refines and creates new spiritual value from old ones. New spiritual value opens the door of future, and new human civilization grows around new spiritual value.
      4 spiritual conflict is the form of good righteous non-idol worship, is the way to receive the grace of god. Religious violence is sure to be a form of idol worship. Any violence of religious reason is equal to worshiping idol, and no grace of god to idol worship. The winner and audience of good spiritual conflict should provide compassion and console to the loser of good spiritual conflict.
      5 if you believe you are good and righteous, but be treated unjustly, fight your spiritual war. Done every preparation to avoid any violence, you will win your spiritual war. Even if possible to lose, but you will gain compassion and console in this situation, and you might also be possible to see a new you growing from the lose of your old one.

    • By Exegesisme
      12 Great Convergence and Differentiation, Political Philosophy for Human Future

      By Exegesisme
      1, the world will soon be into a new great convergence and differentiation.
      2, the tendence of westernization of the world will achieve at new level.
      3, the western civilization will regain momentum to overhaul her deep, and reconstitution will be out of the overhaul.
      4, the bible will be the core of the coming change.
      5, some nations will gain more momentum than others.
    • By Exegesisme
      2 Classification of Power, Political Philosophy for Human Future​
      By Exegesisme
      The classification of power or politics on the degree of civilization
      1, from influence to rule with morality, graceful word-ism, graceful expression for influence in long run.
      2, from influence to rule with ethics, strong word-ism, expression for influence immediately and in short run.
      3, from influence to rule with law, partial predicted expression through behavior on duty of law.
      4, from influence to rule with evil, systematical, illogical expression for that use of violence
      5, from influence to rule with demon, expression through that will of violence
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