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5 Collective Psychology, My Spiritual Work​​

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5 Collective Psychology, My Spiritual Work​​

by exegesisme
1xπ there is a master of collective psychology, whose name is trump.
2xπ he would reshape both politics and religions of us.
3xπ no matter you like him, or dislike him, you would prepare to live in his influence.
4xπ he hears the sounds directly from the grassroots.
5xπ the elites also do not dislike him, but just are not habitual with his style.
6xπ his style is compatible with human genome, which has been creating by god since 4 billion years ago.
7xπ this is the reason why his polls were higher each time against lower expectation of others.
8xπ his style showing in his campaign is a micro model of the creative evolutional process of life, and which is recorded in the genome of each human.
9xπ there was a sound called him lord in my sleep meditation, this sound was only appeared once until now.
10xπ the above is my witness, in both my sleep meditation and my clear analysis.

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