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6 Are They Unreal Or Real, Evil Or Good​​


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6 Are They Unreal Or Real, Evil Or Good, ​​My Spiritual Work​​

by exegesisme
1 in my sleep meditation, both in sleep and in awareness, I see many different images and hear many different sounds, they are assumed with different identities.
2 some of them are my living family, classmates and friends, I am sure now they do not know their images and sounds were used in my sleep meditation by others.
3 I believe some of them are other meditators. They appear in my sleep meditation as I appear in their sleep meditation.
4 some of them called themselves gods or goddess at beginning, but I argued with them for they are not qualified with the definition of god according to the theology of Christianity.
5 there was one or two I once referred each independently as god, but each of them told me he is not perfect.
6 I met my father in dream and heard his sounds many times, each time gave me a neutral and sound help, but I do not know his position in my sleep meditation. I heard some other sounds called me son, but I do not admit I am son of any of them other than my parents.
7 some of them in some of my sleep meditation tried to give me very high positon, but I refused such position, for I know I do not meet the common human concept of such a position, or some of mythological positons apparently are very high but practically are useless.
8 the style they take in communication with me is usually very vague. they often try to make me lose confidence about them, and then send me some messages very real to recover my confidence about them.
9 for I started my style of sleep meditation along, so I do not know the situations of other meditators, I only try to understand them by imagining their possible reactions as they are in my situation, and by records in meditating literatures including bible.
10 I am sure the media of communication through sleep meditation is not electromagnetic waves. I guess gravity is more likely than dark matter or dark energy for communication in sleep meditation. For human natural sciences do not record such things yet, I call them supernatural, which I believe will be natural in future.
11 sometimes some of these sounds are very evil, their aim may be to irritate the meditator. in total, these sounds form some extreme controversies, which undermine the mental health and disturb the behavior of a meditator, and may be strategically mislead human meditator until the death of human meditator, as some poisons of alchemy of Tao were made and eaten by Taoists out of their misleading.
12 although there are some benefits to increase human understanding faculty, in total I do not suggest a person easily to try meditation. and on my experience, now the propaganda of meditation is far underestimate its dangers, and far overestimate its benefits. Some scientific observations of meditation are too shallow to make a real conclusion. human meditators also would develop some moral and ethical measures against their misleading. ​
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      False Xi Jinping​ and His Party
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      All the world does not know how Xi Jinping took his power except very few in his party, but knows his arrogance to show off. Although he knows himself is very selfish, so does his party, he still persists to live under the disguise of communism. He knows he is cheating his party members, he knows he is cheating Chinese people, and even he knows he is cheating himself and all the world, he still teaches others his faith is communism.
      Such a Xi Jinping, I can only call him false Xi Jinping. To such a false Xi Jinping, you can not trust him by default, you can only trust him after scrutiny and overhaul. For example, when he says Chinese people, you will be wrong if you think that he means common Chinese. Chinese people in his actual meaning means only himself and his few followers around him. For common Chinese, he and his party have another word, crowd.
      Another example, is that each of them is corrupted in corrupted communist regime. Even so, they still take anti-corruption as their disguise, for without that disguise, they can not live. In China, the difference in high ranks between corruption and anti-corruption, is only the difference losing power and getting power.
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      The real representative is Germany, which I see from Germany Constitution.
      "Article 38 [Elections]
      (1) The deputies to the German House of Representatives [bundestag] are elected in general, direct, free, equal, and secret elections. They are representatives of the whole people, not bound by orders and instructions, and subject only to their conscience."(a)
      The false representative is in Canada, which I see from this website.(b )
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      My comment:
      Canada representatives should be collectively shameful to work in such an upset system and without do any useful job to change this system, as comparing to the representatives in Germany. They even can not keep their conscience as they vote in this system.
      The behaviors of the representatives and their parties in the House of Commons are unconstitutional, their parties even force them lose their constitutional fundamental freedom of conscience, and they even do not dare to stand up to protect their own constitutional fundamental freedom of conscience in the House of Commons.
      "2. Everyone has the following fundamental freedoms:
      (a) freedom of conscience and religion;
      (b) freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression, including freedom of the press and other media of communication;
      (c) freedom of peaceful assembly; and
      (d) freedom of association."(c )
      And farther more, Our Canada Constitution should be shameful, for even nowadays there still is not clear written constitutional chapter for the executive branch to use the executive power.
      "Canada’s Constitution is also based upon numerous unwritten conventions. These are rules and norms that have never been formally written in a constitutional document, but are regularly observed nevertheless. Many of these unwritten rules have been inherited from Britain (with some modification), while others are unique to the Canadian constitutional context. Important examples include the predominant role and influence played by the Prime Minister of Canada (in Cabinet and in the executive branch in general)."(d )
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      My conclusion: the executive branch has not enough obvious written constitutional resource to practice its leadership, through the unwritten conventions "secretly" steals the power of the legislative branch, and cause heavily potential conflicts with other obvious written constitutional contents. The constitutional inner conflicts should be fixed as soon as possible.
      (a) http://www.servat.unibe.ch/icl/gm00000_.html
      (b ) http://mapleleafweb.com/features/house-commons-introduction-canadas-premier-legislative-body
      (c ) http://laws-lois.justice.gc.ca/eng/const/page-15.html#h-39
      (d ) ​http://www.mapleleafweb.com/features/canadian-constitution-introduction-canada-s-constitutional-framework

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