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While surfing the net, I recently found a web site which rates the top 200 movies of all time rated by the number of tickets sold. That is supposed to be a better qualifier then money generated but I do not know enough about cinema to comment.


I do not consider myself an avid movie goer but was surprised that I had seen 173 of these films. Part of that must be my age and part because my grandchildren will drag gramps into a popular kids movie.

How many of these have you seen?

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Near as I can tell, the list is only for American domestic gross ticket sales adjusted for inflation in the United States. Some indexes include Canada as part of domestic North American sales. Many foreign/foreign language films are not included.

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They should adjust it by both ticket price inflation AND population inflation. For ie: the US market ("domestic"), shouldn't it be tickets sold per 1000 people?

I completely agree. "Money Grossed" is not a marker of anything when comparing previous movies. Total tickets sold matter, and tickets per capita matters even more.

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