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    • By ReeferMadness
      When a supreme court nominee runs into problems with serious allegations of sexual predation, the president orders a sham investigation; a move right out of the playbook of Validimir Putin.  As millions of the president's useful idiots (some of whom post right here on MLW!) concoct ridiculous rationalizations, the national law enforcement agency meekly follows the president's orders without a peep.  Despite the fact that the nominee has obviously been lying to congress for weeks, he is confirmed anyway.    What has happened this week is a stride towards a descent into authoritarianism, American style.
      With a supreme court justice installed in such a disgraceful and corrupt fashion, what intelligent, thinking person could believe that when he needs to rule on Trump's corruption, he will render and impartial vote towards the verdict?
      Unlike Russia, we are unlikely to see President Trump become president for life (although the way Trump lives and eats, that's unlikely to be long anyway).  The USA is now an oligarchy and Trump is himself the ultimate useful idiot, a reality TV personality playing the role of president.  Trump, a sad caricature completely lacking a moral compass who bumbles from issue to issue gathering headlines, makes the billionaires richer with huge tax cuts while simultaneously driving up military spending.  The USA is a jet and he's pointed the nose straight down and pushed the throttle to the max.   When he leaves or dies, there will be other useful idiots who come along right behind him.
    • By Derek 2.0
      This is up there with Andrew Leslie billing taxpayers a fortune to move several blocks in Ottawa:


      This is insane........are Trudeau's staffers coming to Ottawa from the Moon? As to the rules:

      These rules are reasonable, and include all government workers required to move for their jobs with the Government....I have no qualms with that.....A family friend, in the Forces, recently moved for their last posting from Halifax to Victoria BC, their cost, moving a four bedroom house worth of stuff and one of their cars (they paid for their truck and boat out of pocket) was just under $10000, in addition, another ~$4000-5000 for him and his wife to fly out and stay house hunting.........I never heard of real estate fees being covered..
      Remember Bev Oda's $16 orange juice.........or better yet Mike Duffy????
    • By Special Delivery
      Which news source in Canada do you think is most capable of delivering spin-free news to the public about a matter of government corruption that is objective and would withstand political intimidation? This includes all medias - broadcast, print, and online.
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