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Trump, Trudeau Jnr & Oscar -With Attachment


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There's something going on that I don't quite understand.

First, Oscar. There's a black president but rich black actors feel that the Academy Awards exclude them. Huh? Is this the 1% upset/jealous of the 0.1%?

Everyone else in the US realizes/sees what's going on. This is identity politics. The Rockefellers got theirs, I want mine...

Second, Trump is telling many people: I will help you to get yours. (Is this what Obama has made of American society? I recall a Trudeau Snr who said in St. John's: "It's all yours. Keep every penny. But that's not Canada." I may be mistaken but I never heard Obama ever say anything so directly.)

Third, Trudeau Jnr? Trump also is bringing in many non-voters. I reckon that in the future, politicians will understand that about 4 of 10 voters don't vote. Getting 1 of the 4 to vote can change an election.

Attachment? Scott Adams (the Dilbert guy) and his ranking of methods to persuade: Definition?

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