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The Sins OF The Sons ...

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I believe that this is the most appropriate section for this thread - if not - please move it.

Recently, a former clerk for ISIS has turned and revealed the records of about 25,000 foreign recruits who are/were fighting with ISIS:


There were records for a few from Canada who have since died and one who perhaps is still alive. They also include many from the USA.

The Donald is on record as supporting the targeting to assassinate the families of terrorists as a legitimate reaction to the war against ISIS. Donald may be in a quandary - does he now eliminate the American families of those Americans identified as now fighting for ISIS? How about the families of those six Canadians who chose to join ISIS?

The new social interaction technologies are making me uncomfortable in their potential use in warfare. The members of ISIS have been identified as fairly sophisticated in the use of social media and using it for recruitment and information gathering. We are at war with ISIS. I believe that they are quite capable of mining social media to identify the members and families of our soldiers who are or have been deployed there. What keeps them from targeting the families and of these soldiers in Canada?

When we target terrorists in the Middle East and their family members are also killed in the process we excuse it as "acceptable collateral action". If that is an acceptable result of war then what about targeting the families of military members of the coalition in the USA and Canada?

I believe that the Donald should quickly and emphatically walk back his approach to terrorist's family members. It might come back to bite him right in his assets.

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He already walked back on this. He now says he would obey international law and have advisors' direction on these matters. Or something like that.

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