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Ontario announces plan to destroy its economy

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On 5/27/2017 at 8:07 PM, cannuck said:

Jon the Canadian Taxpayer's Federation.  You really do not want a "taxpayer's party" as it can only be effective if it wins.  NGO can scream at and expose stupidity regardless of WHO is in power - and sway a lot of votes.

Well then why aren't they running as a political party anywhere? What are they waiting for. I would certainly sign up and join the taxpayer's party. Just being a website exposing the wasteful spending by all levels of government is never going to fix the problem. They need to get out there like Trump did and say it as it is. Dam political correctness.

I am pretty sure that most Canadians have never heard of the Canadian Taxpayer's Federation. 

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As the Liberals continue their efforts to destroy Ontario's economy, they announced this week that they would increase the minimum wage by 30%. 

<s>"Not enough manufacturers are leaving Ontario because of our high electricity costs, our high taxes, and our strangling red tape, so we're going to have to raise wages now," said Kathleen Wynne. "We must drive all business from Ontario! Only then can we implement our guaranteed income plans!"</s>



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