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500 million Yahoo Accounts stolen

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Yahoo (YHOO, Tech30) confirmed on Thursday data "associated with at least 500 million user accounts" have been stolen in what may be one of the largest cybersecurity breaches ever.

The company said it believes a "state-sponsored actor" was behind the data breach, meaning an individual acting on behalf of a government. The breach is said to have occurred in late 2014.


A while ago I got an email from Amazon saying they had to reset my password because they had come across my email and password matching somewhere else. I called them to get more information, but they weren't very helpful.

Within the few months prior to that I'd received emails from two separate sites informing me that their data was compromised (not Ashley Madison, I swear!) so it could have been either of them.

This Yahoo incident is very disheartening. I think I had a couple of emails with them years ago but I don't even remember anymore. Sometimes I just want to erase my whole footprint off the internet but with 20 years of information out there, there is no way to do that.

It's going to be interesting to see the fallout from this.

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