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There are so many favourites in this show, it has such a great sensibility ... it's just a shame that it's so dark.  I actually find it hard to watch it, as it's so heartbreaking.  

Sarah Jessica Parker and Thomas Hayden Church... great talent there.


And one of my favourites - Dean Winters - is back in a comic role after a few seasons on Law and Order SVU.  Not too many can do comedy and drama equally well.  Remember him as Liz Lemon's boyfriend in 30 Rock ?


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1 hour ago, August1991 said:


Michael, can you provide a link? Is this some reality show about celebrity divorces? Is it scripted? 

Do you own a Google Machine?

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It was actually a great show. It reminded me of a horrible divorce with my ex. We went through endless court sessions and meetings between lawyers just to settle on the monthly amount she would have to get from me and the child. On top of that she wanted to make my life a living hell by providing as much evidence as she could trying to convince the judge that I'm an alcoholic which was never the case. This made me so angry that I decided to visit this website and go with the strongest divorce attorney I could possibly find and he dealt with her in a couple of days leaving her with nothing.

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