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The Left aren't taking the Trump Victory Well

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1 minute ago, bush_cheney2004 said:


So is the left-wing media...the ones who blew it.    It's a crisis they want, but just can't get enough juice.   Only one vote to a customer, please.

Can I re-calibrate that for you?

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15 hours ago, kimmy said:

Meanwhile those same media outlets have completely ignored the wave of hate-graffiti and pro-Trump vandalism that has swept the US since the election. Those who get their news from BreitPravda would be completely unaware that it's going on.


Mind you, this is following the reports by intelligence agencies that radical right wing extremism is a greater threat than jihadist terrorism.


Pretty telling how very few people who claim to be concerned about security and public safety in the face of radicalization, terrorism, and extremist activities show any concern whatsoever for the biggest threats in this area as reported by the intelligence and law enforcement communities. 

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