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Sour Grapes - Three Paragraphs

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This is a documentary about a scam artist from Indonesia, and wine. The movie largely involves people in France - and rich people in northern California and in New York City. The movie is mostly in English but it's also in French. It's hilarious: "You can buy this bottle of burgundy or...  buy a Prius." I was amazed at how the producers managed to tell the story. They found old clips from 2002 and included Hollywood guys, FBI agents.  It even has one of the Koch brothers. (He gives a tour of his Palm Beach Fla basement.) The movie is far better than The Big Short - and yet it tells somehow a similar story.

IMHO, this movie/documentary is the future of all cinema. Increasingly, everything everywhere is somehow recorded. At present, the resolution is not always good or high. (In the future, it will all be high resolution.)  Imagine what clips will be available in 2030.The future of film is in post-production and the editor will be King. In the late 19th century, Emile Zola imagined literature as taking reality and combining it, in a "laboratory", to create a novel. This movie achieves Zola's idea.

The movie poses a fun philosophical question: if it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck and walks like a duck - who cares whether it is a duck or not? IOW, if it tastes exactly like a Chateau Lafitte 64, who cares if it's not?

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