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It is hard to avoid Facebook these days although I do my best. My university reunion and distant relatives force me to correspond there. I try to give as little info away as possible but the settings can be tricky in that regard. I notice when somebody in my neck of the woods gets into legal trouble these days, the journos go straight to the Facebook account to put as much personal stuff up as they can. 


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Finding them daily is rampant.

Only an idiot believes it's anywhere near that low.

edit: that's too strong, my apologies. What I should say is you are arguing from a position of profound ignorance.  

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5 hours ago, dialamah said:

Seems to me only an idiot insists his or her opinion is more accurate than actual measured data.   


If it were just an opinion, you might have a point. Relying on measured data assumes that these incidents are actually recorded as such by the government. That's one of the biggest stresses that the people doing the investigations have to deal with. Politics interferes with the process, and charges are rarely ever filed regardless of the extent of the fraud. More often than not, nothing at all happens to the people who are caught red handed. 

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On January 24, 2017 at 9:48 PM, dialamah said:

Until you have verifiable data, it is just your opinion.

That's a ridiculous assertion. There is no correlation whatsoever between verifiable data and things that people have personal knowledge of. 

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Next time I get a letter from CRA I'll be thinking about this humiliating national fiasco. The law gets very flexible at the upper end, even in goody two shoes Canada: 

KPMG offshore tax dodge: Trudeau vows to do 'better job' with tax avoiders - Business - CBC News

Canada Revenue offered amnesty to wealthy KPMG clients in offshore tax 'sham' - Business - CBC News





At least these captains of industry are getting named at last despite our own taxman's best efforts to protect their precious privacy (and save his own blushes of course). 


Your common or garden yob tax doodler can't offer you stuff like this:


So why should you treat the lower orders nicely? Put the boot in.

I would prefer if JT just gave us the truth: nothing will change; nothing can change. 

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22 minutes ago, SpankyMcFarland said:

Next time I get a letter from CRA I'll be thinking about this humiliating national fiasco. The law gets very flexible at the upper end, even in goody two shoes Canada: 

CRA goes after low hanging fruit. It always has. Much easier to beat up on and intimidate middle class taxpayers than put out the time and expense of dealing with the high priced lawyers and accountants rich people employ.

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37 minutes ago, SpankyMcFarland said:

This is rather comical in a dark sort of way. To avoid running afoul of the mods, I will let it speak for itself:

Comical how, the article begins with: A respected Canadian law firm

Respected by who and for what?

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I was once on the fence when it came to CRA and tax avoidance.   Then, my closest friend had a few incredibly successful years as a property developer.  He made certain the top drawer accounting firm doing his books followed tax codes to the very letter of the law.  THEN: he got a letter from CRA demanding literally millions of dollars under something called the "GAR" - General Avoidance Rule.   Under that rule, CRA can simply say (as they did in this case) that your tax filings were not "in the spirit" of the law so you need to give them what they "feel" is to their liking.   Fought it in court for years, ended up having to pay their bill.

Now, if I could see a government (ANY frigging government in this country) balancing their budget and administering the funds in a fair and equitable manner, I might (and he might have) understood.   BUT: when I see the blatant political pork barreling done with my grandchildren's future earnings, and the total incompetence of public administration and "service", I have the same picture in my mind of service as when my neighbour brings his bull out of its pen to service the cows.

So, PLEASE keep on avoiding tax, but for crying out loud, don't tell anyone how you are doing it.

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