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Muslims Shot and Killed in Quebec City

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On 04.02.2017 at 2:31 AM, Cum Laude said:

That is true. Big Pharma has a good portion of the population, under their thumb, but not rolling stones.

I have topics reletad with the issue. I will put the links below. So drug companies absolutely has a great contribution in terrorist incidents. There are many doctors in my family and some of them works on natural treatment routes of diseases. They effectively threat some kind of cancers without any drug use. Drug companies could reserve much more money in this issue but I have never heard a drug company offers a natural treatment. 

We have witnessed many times that these terrorists had some relations with intelligence services. Almost all of them were under surveillance. For example two Chechen brothers or London machete attack or Berlin truck attack and many others. All of these guys had some cooperations with intelligence services in their life. Last time Florida airport attacker said that someones in his mind were continuosly telling him to perform a terror attack. You cant take a step further from this point. You have to believe what state controlled media imposes and if you want to follow clues you will be stamped as "conspiracy theorist-crazy dumb senile idiot-son of a b.tch, Russian agent and Trump supporter". When we think all the drug, energy, weapon, media, food companies are controlled by the same groups, this issue becomes much more suspicious.



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At this point Altai your responses have nothing to do with the thread and are incoherent. If you want to start a conspiracy thread

about pharmaceutical companies causing terrorism or whatever it else your disjointed and fragmented accusations are claiming start one.


The person involved in this shooting did not do so because of anti depressants, or because he was an intelligence operative.


One other thing. Pharmaceutical companies are in the business of manufacturing synthetic compounds. They do not claim nor do they sell herbs.

Natural remedies, usually from herbs plants, or organic matter are not the domain of pharmaceutical manufacturers.

Nothing stops you or anyone from taking herbs, ingesting plants, tree bark, organic matter. No pharmacy tells you or stops you from doing that.

Go on knock yourself out. Go out and eat some rhubarb. Take some flax seed oil, etc. Upjohn Pharmaceuticals won't send any CIA agents to stop you.

By the way just so  you know, organic materials like synthetic ones can be helpful, harmful, fatal, or absolutely useless.

It starts with education and learning what either organic or synthetic materials can do and can not do.

People have died being conned by quacks telling them to take natural cures.

For awhile cancer patients in their final stages would go to Mexico and take apricot pits thinking it would cure them.

Miracle healers as they called themselves int he Philippines would claim to pull tumours out of bodies.

There's a faith healer in Brazil who has a huge following claiming he can cut out tumours from noses and do other miraculous things because he's

possessed by benevolent spirits.

People with lack of understanding of science often believe things because they can't understand basic principles of science or pharmacology or medicine or anatomy or neurology and so on.

This thread was not about your ill thought out and just out and out ignorant comments as to anti depressants and by implication depression and mental illness its about your turning your beliefs without basis or proof to be used to politically engage in conspiracies about the motives of terrorists.

You make sweeping generalizations about terrorists that are baseless.





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12 minutes ago, Rue said:

Nothing stops you or anyone from taking herbs

There is one herb that one political party tries very hard to stop people from taking.

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14 minutes ago, ?Impact said:

There is one herb that one political party tries very hard to stop people from taking.

Yes but it is easier to get than beer.

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1 hour ago, ?Impact said:

There is one herb that one political party tries very hard to stop people from taking.

Lol I stand corrected. Ok on a serious note as horrid as these hate killings are let's hope profilers and forensic psychiatrists/psychologistsare learning from them how to predict certain behaviour and head it off. The scary thing is you can engage in pro-active counter intelligence to prevent terrorism but the single, loner, mad-man, well we that's a tough one.

On another note directed at this issue, there was an article today about the talk radio shows in Quebec inciting Muslim hatred snd possiblu such shooters. I am  not so sure if they incite such things as opposed simply to reflecting it by enabling it  to be expressed. I personally think if it did not come out on talk shows, it would surface somewhere else. There's an under-current in Quebec with strong xenophobic attitude towards Islam and when I say Islam I probably mean fundamentalist Islam but the average Quebecer probably does not know the difference.. The strain of xenophobia in Quebec towards outsiders seems to have added intensity due to the pre-existing fear of being assimilated by English culture.

People should remember Quebec in the past  had a very intense kind of anti-Semitism promulgated by the Churches at one point and for some reason the church also hated Jehova's Witnesses and 7th Day Adventists. Quebec has had unique strains of bigotry in expression enabled in the past  by the Catholic Church, the federal Social Credit Party in Quebec and the old provincial Union Nationale Party with Marcel Duplessis. The Social Credit party sided with Mussolini during WW2 and Duplessis supported anti Jeohova Witness, and anti semitic discrimination by his government. Then again it was wide spread federally with McKenzie King the Liberal PM and his cabinet members and MP's.

Today's Catholic Church in Quebec tends to be sympathetic to refugees not anti refugee as it once was although the Quebec Catholic church was instrumental in taking in Irish Catholic children who were parentless..

The profile of  people n Quebec  who have grown disenchanted with multi-culturalism and support a xenophobic narrow Quebecois-purelaines comncept of what a Quebecer should be (white, descended from France, only speak French)  tend to  be over 50/

 The young generation is bilingual and most likely to leave Quebec for work. The staunch nationalists are aging people in their 50's to 90's.

Its interesting because Trudeau who continuously panders to ethnics as we can see in his photo ops, also pandered to Quebec intolerance refusing to speak English to an English Quebecer. Make no mistake he panders to who ever his audience is in Quebec and everyone knows that. His smiling photo-ops have a different reaction in Quebec. Quebecers know when they are being pandered to and they don't like it. In fact French Quebecers thought him a two face for not speaking English to the English Quebecer. It didn't win them over. Its hard to explain but they don't go for people trying to suck up to them. They thought Trudeau was mimicking their intolerance to get brownie points.  If Trudea did not speak English at all, and/or was representing only Quebec on a Quebec issue, or they thought the woman could speak French, then they would have agreed with him. The French first attitude is not simply based on they won't speak English. I went to an English school, Bishop's next door to Sherbrooke. I spoke French when I went into Sherbrooke. Its a French city but students and restaurant people would speak English back to me out of politeness and many were I guess you would say separatist. Its complex to explain.

Me personally I did not think  Trudeau should have spoken at thefuneral events for the dead Muslim. The Quebec Premier and Mayor of Quebec City had to speak up when they did and I suppose of course Trudeau did too but not at the funeral.  I always believe politicians should shut up when they attend funerals and not exploit these ceremonies to get browny points. Their time for speaking its outside the house of worship not in it. They should only speak to the media removed from the victims or in private to the victims.  If the congregation invites them to speak I guess then they have to. Me personally I think ceremonies for the dead remain  apolitical and should only be run by the loved ones and/or their fellow congregants and clergy and anything other then how it impacts on the bereaving families and their fellow congregants should be discussed elsewhere to keep the focus on the memory of the dead and the impact on their loved ones.

.For me its not the same as a state funeral of a politician who dies in office. That's just me. I just think though the focus is taken away from the dead and the good they did. Life is precious and that concept is  I would argue inherently simplistic, and its purity and simplicity are what make it precious. Cloud it with other issues, its too much noise at a time when people should be able to feel the good is still there in the people no longer there. Its hard to feel that love live on sometimes when the noise of politics is brought in and pierces the silence.

I am not sure what was sadder. The actual desecration of the place of worship, or the cameras after the fact showing the bullet holes. There's an obscentity in both.  Killing the innocent makes a mockery of the beauty of life. For years it made me feel nothing, just this dead calm and a resolve to prevent it from happening in a very matter of fact way, no anger, no emotion just this totally flat intense focus on the killer and to catch and kill him before he does it again. There's no feeling of anger or revenge at all. It's the same feeling as cleaning up blood or a mess. You do it because it must be done.

Its what gives soldiers and front line workers ptsd because when the emotions do come back on they get all confused. The people who h ave to follow up and clean up this stuff eventually it gets inside them and they have to wash their hands again only this time of the imaginary blood.

Its why I hate seeing politicians at such things. I just don't think politicians belong at funerals of anyone but other politicians.



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