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Turkish Newspaper banned in Europe

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7 hours ago, hot enough said:

I have never once suggested that Russia/Soviet have not committed any crimes, but these are the bad guys and the US/UK makes them look like pikers. 

It's awfully childish of you to take such a nonsensical position. At least I now know what I am dealing with. 

The worse you have said about Russia is that they are nt perfect!!!!!!!

These show how discredited your comments are as I have frequently attacked both US and Bratain in the past and their policies against the weak and defenceless.

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On 3/27/2017 at 10:22 AM, hot enough said:

A Soviet era journalist who lived in the USA for a number of years described it perfectly - the only difference between Soviet propaganda and US propaganda is that Americans believe theirs.

And what authority would you trust more, than someone who used to spread that propaganda for a living? Seriously hotenough, your screen name must imply the temperature of the air between your ears.

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