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Douglas Murray on the hypocrisy of the Left and Islam. Simply brilliant.  

I wasn't sure where this belonged, but as the internet is now a form of entertainment, and is having a profound impact on our culture, I decided this was the place. I also thought it might liven this

This is a video taken in San Fransisco from a cable car running down market street. I found it kind of weird, realizing every single person in the video was dead, including the little kids, and wonder

4 hours ago, DogOnPorch said:

Alex Jones and PJW on the Capitol.

Watch it before the fascists take it down.


I was just watching that and thinking this is good but how can you share it? It's Alex Jones. The Corporates have convinced their people they're not to listen, watch or acknowledge the existence of Alex Jones. If anybody suggests they do they must be immediately shouted down with digital screams of gay frogs and Sandy Hook.

I'm not a follower of AJ but I'm not afraid to listen to what he has to say. When he goes off the rails I either just listen for the entertainment or get bored and click away.

For the Jonesophobic though they've been trained to smear and slur down anybody daring to acknowledge the existence of Alex Jones. Beave will require a fainting couch if anybody dares to admit they watched the video. 

So try this. If you're scared, don't listen but click it then mute it. Watch the video without sound. You should at least know who those guys in the background of the video are who were provoking the trouble at the capitol building. The provocateurs were not trump supporters. You can tell that by looking at them. They were there before Trump's speech was finished. They were there while Trump was speaking away from the Capitol building. 

Jones' opinion is they were a combination of Antifa/BLM and other anarcho-Marxists combined with Boogaloo Boy types and Qanon followers. 

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Speaking of the Cancel Cretins, I - like millions of fans of the TV Show, The Mandalorian are not happy with said cancel creeps successfully having Gina Carano disappeared from the show.

As said, I'm not the only one. This one from the Critical Drinker has over a quarter of a million views so far and that's high for an issue like this. What are people getting so pissed about? Watch it and see.


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29 minutes ago, DogOnPorch said:

Biden’s Town Hall DISASTER.

Awaken With JP


So dead-on.

Makes you wonder how long the corporate globalists' media can have so many ignoring the obvious.

I hear the razor-wire protected congress is currently trying to pass laws making counter media like Fox, OAN, and Remax illegal.

But if you notice obvious facts like that you're a Trump cultist, a conspiracy theorist and most likely a racist. And if history repeats itself that itself will eventually become a crime punishable by re-education or depending on severity a possible trip to the gulags.

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