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Douglas Murray on the hypocrisy of the Left and Islam. Simply brilliant.  

This is a video taken in San Fransisco from a cable car running down market street. I found it kind of weird, realizing every single person in the video was dead, including the little kids, and wonder

I've been watching quite a few of these clips lately. I find it both amusing and amazing how Trudeau constantly sets himself up for the big slap down.    

This is footage from a doorbell camera which was transmitted over wifi to an owner who had abandoned his house in Fort McMurray last year. Some of you may have caught portions of it.


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You should see how fast civilian huts go up from napalm or phosphorus bombs, and if there are people in there, so much the better for US troops. US troops invented "shake and bake".

Here's what the benevolent Americans brought to the people of Vietnam.

Agent Orange Orphans : 50 years on children suffer from effects of U.S chemical weapons in Vietnam


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4 minutes ago, hot enough said:

Bush Babies in Iraq

The Bush Babies - birth defects from depleted uranium


And if you believe that, I have some prime tundra for sale at a great price. Thanks to global warming, it should make a helluva tropical vacation resort in about 20 years.

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The USA continues it evil around the world with hardly a breath between one genocide and another. 
"More than 5,000 rounds of depleted uranium (DU) ammunition were used in two attacks on Islamic State oil tankers in eastern Syria, the US military has confirmed. The US-led coalition previously pledged it would not use the controversial ordnance."

Last month, the World Health Organisation (WHO) published a long awaited document summarising the findings of an in-depth investigation into the prevalence of congenital birth defects (CBD) in Iraq, which many experts believe is linked to the use of depleted uranium (DU) munitions by Allied forces. According to the 'summary report':

"The rates for spontaneous abortion, stillbirths and congenital birth defects found in the study are consistent with or even lower than international estimates. The study provides no clear evidence to suggest an unusually high rate of congenital birth defects in Iraq."

Jaffar Hussain, WHO's Head of Mission in Iraq, said that the report is based on survey techniques that are "renowned worldwide" and that the study was peer reviewed "extensively" by international experts.


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