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You mean like the president of Germany?

Remind me: exactly what does your GG have the power to do? And what doesn't she have the power to do? I know the Crown (i.e., the GG in fact) has the power to sign legislation (but not veto it) to dissolve and convene parliament, etc. I figured it was basically the same powers as the Queen has in the UK, but maybe I am wrong?

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It is your system but I'll still say that in my opinion it is not right that the PM has the say who becomes GG who, after all, as being the Queen's representative has at least a formal role of being a

Imagine if David Johnston was ever accused of beating his wife and killing a person in a car?  Either JT is incompetent for not properly vetting Payette or he just didn't care cuz she's a Francop

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25 minutes ago, Queenmandy85 said:

No, you are right. The GG acts in the name of the Queen of Canada. The GG also has the authority to dismiss a Prime Minister. She would have to have a very good reason and have overwhelming public support to do so, however.


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On 10/1/2018 at 9:26 AM, JamesHackerMP said:

Here's a better idea: abrogate the Canadian monarchy. The Aussies want to do it, and for similar reasons (those involving the appointment of the GG).

There is very little benefit for a political party in trying to do so, and a lot of political danger. The people who would just as soon asse the monarchy gone don't really care that much and it won't influence their votes on your behalf. The ones who want to keep the monarchy will hate you and your party till the day they die.

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