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The Big Sick (3 paragraphs)

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I saw this movie in a Montreal cinema with at least 100 other people. On several occasions, all alone, I laughed out loud. For example, at one point, the character played by Ray Romano reveals a personal truth, then says something anodine. He explains, "I dunno; I thought if I kept talking something smart would come out." I was laughing, alone in a large cinema, before Ray Romano said "I dunno." And I don't even like Ray Romano.

I am torn between this movie as political statement and romantic comedy. As romantic comedy, it has the advantage of small, genuine, indy, offbeat: Think "Three Big Fat Offbeat Greek Weddings". But as political statement, I wondered about its audience: in the West, it was not strong enough - the dilemma of this guy and a Nebraskan gay?     

IMHO, there is a key scene in this movie where the main male character tells his mother that he doesn't pray; indeed, he doesn't even believe. There was an inkling earlier in the movie when he went downstairs and toyed with a phone. Make no mistake: this movie's mp4 version (with subtitles) will be copied around Saudi Arabia, Pakistan...  

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Yeah, I'm wondering if his life might be at risk for making this movie.

My wife and I saw it too, and thought it was the best non-action movie this year.  We laughed out loud on several occasions as well.   The line, "We lost 19 of our best", was hilarious and standing up to bigotry at the same time.  Which is a good approach to describing what this movie is.  It's part drama.  it's part witty comedy.  it gives a glimpse of life in a muslim family, and the clash of cultures.  Very original.

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