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I like motos and I have a scooter driving license. I want to buy a high cc moto license but I have to be in 18 years old by law. I can drive my father's R1200 GS in no-traffic area but its huge and its not my style. I like half-cruiser and half sport motos, so its called "naked". There are many moto vloggers I know and I like to watch them. Some of them acts apache ( this is an idiom used to describe illegal,agressive,risky persons) but still its cool to be on a moto. I am a bitch of bicycle (this is an idiom used to describe being highly professional about a job) and I rode bicycle before in my school team and a private team in my city. I was using bicycle like an apache and I survived some dangerous crashes. This is the point makes me think because if I use the moto like I use bicycle, its highly probably I will die. Anyway, in this topic I will share moto videos from my country. 



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This guy died today together his 19 years old girl friend in a crash while speeding in city center. They hit a truck from behind of it. I love speed but I am against that, speeding in city center is an attempt to murder. Thanks Allah they didnt harm anyone other than themselves. The news says they didnt wear their helmets :lol: Helmets ? I saw their photos and the girl didnt even have one of her hands and one of her legs, all the internal organs of the guy were gushed outside and both didnt have half of their heads...And you mean helmets ??? -_-


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