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Another terror attack by USA in Spain

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22 minutes ago, Michael Hardner said:

Yes, in absence of contrary information.

I don't.  


Yes, there has been a lot of discussion about 9/11 - again for another thread.  Unlike a religious mindset, it's evidence-based discussion not faith-based.  So far, with 9/11 we have one weak paper published in a disreputable open journal and no alternative theory so there's no reason to believe it.

Information is "Two ships hit each other". 

Claims are "it was a crash" which is done by govts and "it was something deliberate" which is done by me. 

I also said the same thing about TTowers. Information is "TTowers collapsed after two planes hit them".  Claims are "they were collapsed because of planes" which is done by govts and "they were caused to collapse by someones deliberately" which is done by people think about details. 

Okay ? ^_^

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Spain claims they have caught the main suspect of Barcelona attack.  

How come they caught someone who is already murdered ? -_-

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On 17.08.2017 at 11:09 PM, Altai said:

Now, first Trump guy tries to put an embargo on Qatar.

Then Qatar challenges US and they also pays 500 Million only for a soccer player in these embargo days from guess where ? Yes, Barcelona-Spain. They gives a message US that they dont care about embargo attempt.



Now US punishes Spain for their partnership with Qatar against US.


Turkiye is also another country helps Qatar. Now we are target for US as usual.

Bomb attack prevented by security forces in France.

A bomb assemly found near Qatari soccer team's stadium.

US terror organization fails this time -_-


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