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Is Donald Trump the Worst President since Andrew Johnson or James Buchanan?

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George W Bush must be laughing his ass off.

A complete lack of any western politicians bragging about how tough they're being on China.

Why do people say things that are so silly I guess you like the way Government works against people . I only have one other thing to say and that is any one person that would choose Clinton over Trump

3 hours ago, Michael Hardner said:

That's very very simple and doesn't acknowledge what I presented.  Some believe what they see... well, yes, that's called evidence.  If you can explain why economic orthodoxy regarding liberalized trade is wrong, or why tariffs help the economy I'd be interested.

Because they help support a local economy. 

Second, if the market supports the price for something including applicable tariffs before there is free trade, it will surely support the same price for that commodity without tariffs. In the long run all that happens is the money moves from tariffs in the pockets of government (where at least in theory it feeds back into society) into the pockets of private business owners (where it does not). 

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6 hours ago, peoples advocate said:

 Do you think we did not do lots of trade before that deal ? Which country do you think was the big winner in this deal ?

Yes, and of course it makes sense to enhance and facilitate trade with our natural trading partner.  I have a few outstanding questions that you neglected to answer: how will tariffs help Canada's economy ?  how is the economy helped by ending trade agreements ?

How would prices be impacted for the poor ?

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This thread is locked due to bizarre thread drift. 

Apologies to folks who genuinely want to discuss this topic.  Feel free to start a new thread entitled For The Last Time, Is Donald Trump the Worst President since Andrew Johnson or James Buchanan? or somesuch.... if you want.   

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