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CONOP 8888: Pentagon's Contingency for a Zombie Apocalypse!


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Yep.  I thought it was a joke.  But really, Pentagon's got a planned contingency manual for a zombie apocalypse: CONOP 8888.



Pentagon has plan for ‘Counter-Zombie Dominance’ during zombie apocalypse


“CONOP 8888” is an unclassified document from April 30, 2011, by the Defense Department. It serves as a blueprint for how the U.S. would handle such an ordeal to “preserve the sanctity of human life” among “non-zombie humans,” Foreign Policy reported Tuesday.




The article explains the need for it, and why zombie.  But with all the new diseases popping up.....who knows, eh?  Doesn't have to be exactly zombies. Old movies like Rabid, and Crazies come to mind. 



Mysterious ‘Zombie’ Disease Is Afflicting Thousands Of Ugandan Children


According to the Centers for Disease Control, onset usually takes place at the age of five or six and progresses rapidly, leaving the victims severely mentally and physically handicapped within a couple of years.

Victims can wander off and disappear. Some 200 “secondary deaths” have occurred due to fires and accidents caused by children with the disease.

Physicians and workers with the Ugandan Red Cross are frustrated by what they see as a lack of urgency in the government’s handling of the disease. After months of lagging, officials have only begun an official tally of cases within the last two weeks.

The situation was already dire when a team from the World Health Organization visited northern Uganda in 2009. CNN quotes one doctor from the team, Dr. Joaquin Saweka, as saying, “It was quite desperate, I can tell you. Imagine being surrounded by 26 children and 12 of them showing signs of this. The attitude was to quickly find a solution to the problem.”


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