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I love it....moderation here at MLW is considered to be excessive and punitive by some, but given the chance (and power) in their own private club, they would delete posts and ban membership with equa

Great idea, but I think some members have already created their own club (in another forum). They love to discuss members of this forum...go figure.

Well, you could have a US politics group where every second topic was not repetitive drivel from anti-American loonies. That would be nice. Maybe a world politics one where Israel was not allowed to b

5 minutes ago, Charles Anthony said:

No.  Every member should be able to create a club. 

What happens when you try?

How do you try? I don't see anything, any menu, drop down item, button, etc...

edit. Ugh, okay. I see it now. I was clicking on the wrong 'clubs' thing.

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On 12/20/2018 at 10:21 AM, Argus said:

Is Greg the only one who can initiate these clubs?

Nope, you can start a club if you want... 

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      Hello, I am currently in the midst of establishing a  youth organization which promotes true conservative principles, not affiliated with the official conservative political party. I have currently created a discord server for all to join: https://discord.gg/ktsRsGX
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