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The reality here is that there is a very clever misdirection campaign to hide the real problems based on economic differences into cultural ones. The fact that there will ALWAYS be some culturally defined class of people in the majority or minority in any logical area of political/economic problems in society conveniently acts as clever means to create a smokescreen that hides what is actually going on while everyone is being distracted.

The intention by the Liberal's under Trudeau (both Pierre and now Justin) were about CONSERVING their Catholic-based and bilingual heritage. Given this 'class' has sincerely been of the actual majority who created the problems of any past injustices, they needed a means to have their cake and eat it too. "Multiculturalism" is a fraudulent smokescreen that appears as a movement to support 'diversity' when the idea is only to preserve the self-interest of the Ontario/Quebec establishments based on those Catholic/Anglican rooted families AND FRIENDS of other groups who want to utilize the law to guarantee them special theocratic-like power through 'inherent rights (of Kings and Queens)'.

But to do so overtly would defeat them. They need to consolidate those select pluralities whom they can at least get along with AND agree to their equal beliefs about segregating themselves from outsiders (they don't want their daughters marrying outside their race or religion) and do it in a way that makes them seem completely the opposite by fostering equal distinction to those culturally defined groups that represent the biggest possible threat to them for their historical roles in discriminating behavior: the North American Natives. 

By fostering 'diversity', you ISOLATE the groups with the strongest threats by appealing to their own PRIDE as the cure to overcoming economic impoverishment. This entices the largest risk group of the impoverished to collect on the basis of some racial/ethnic divide. This is an easier pay-off than having to deal with 'poverty' of ALL people as some class. Then they tackle any other larger pluralities of similar risks.

It is like creating a 'union' of violent street gangs as a syndicate who all recognize they independently will be eventually disempowered should they not agree to conspire to agree to their DOMAINS of power. This forces individual minded peoples to also be forced to sign into one of these uniquely empowered groups regardless of whether they agree to them. If you are Black and live in a localized area OF Black people, the gang with the strongest 'Black Pride' is enticed to make a stand to collect as a union with no allowances for deviation of the cult. Individual minds are easily diminished among them by risk of being left out of the benefits. NOTE that the focus is on "benefits" when the means for these assure that those left out will actually be PENALIZED by the neglect of them.


Thus, you set up both the beneficial means to conserve your in-group bias by conspiring to entice other 'friends' OF the establishment to embrace the same kind of segregate thinking. The weak of society ARE the individuals who lack the solidarity of such groups and so get weened out by an apparent majority that is actually a clever ruse carefully planned out by sets of DISCRIMINATORY CULTS who BELIEVE in their 'separate' and protected position in law.

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