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Trump-Trudeau Fall-Out

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21 hours ago, betsy said:

What are the chances Trudeau - and EU - will be forced to capitulate once Trump starts going for the autos?  Tarrifs on autos will be the next target.   It's going to happen.


Our negotiators are comforted by the fact that Trump is against the world.  "There's strength in numbers," they say.   But Craig Oliver is right:  countries don't care about Canada.  They all care about their own. They're likely to make deal for the best interest of their own countries.    WE should think of Canada!


Trudeau should make a deal with Trump before he slaps on the tarriffs on autmobiles.

Yeah I guess the rich can still afford to buy those BMWs and Mercedes , no matter the tariffs. Even Harley Davidson is considering shuffling more of their operations to their facilities outside of the USA. I am guessing even with the tariff, it will still be cheaper to buy a Harley not made in America.


The other thing is, car manufacturing in Canada has been dying for decades. So not sure how much of an impact that will have on Canada. How many cars made in Canada are being sold in the US market? I tried to check it out, but I cannot determine that at all. Everything seems so obscure with where parts are sources and where certain vehicles are sold only in another market.

This is part of the other problem   https://www.cars.com/articles/the-carscom-2017-american-made-index-1420695680673/


CARS.COM — For 2017, Cars.com has revamped its longstanding American-Made Index for the first time. Over the AMI's 11-year history, the number of models meeting our original criteria has fallen due to the globalization of automobile manufacturing — from more than 60 vehicles in the AMI's inaugural year to eight last year. By the original requirements, only three 2017 models would have qualified this year.

You just try to buy a vehicle that is all American, and your selection is very very limited.

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23 hours ago, betsy said:

Last night, Trump uses Trudeau for laughs.  Trudeau becomes a Trump rally staple!


Timer:  38:28



Wow. He's clearly not all there anymore. Scary.

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I wanted to.

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On 6/27/2018 at 6:29 AM, BubberMiley said:

Wow. He's clearly not all there anymore. Scary.

He hasn't changed, he was exactly the same in the seventies. Thing is allot of what he says makes perfect sense. It's too bad other leaders are not using what he's preaching for themselves instead of taxing their own citizens into oblivion with their "retaliatory" tariffs.  

Step back, look at what we are importing from the US (and others for that matter) and ask why we aren't doing this for ourselves. Instead of turning local companies into welfare cases to try and prop them up till Trump is eliminated, give them incentives to take care of Canada first. The next time a Trump comes along whenever or wherever we will not be so affected because Canada is taking care of itself.

We have everything we need to make Canada great again... 

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