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I never really watched Star Trek, but if I did, I imagine "The City on the Edge of Forever" (Season 1Episode 28) would be one of my favourite episodes, it having been written by Harlan Ellison. W

The Tholian Web is by far my favourite.  Also did a lot of Star Fleet Battles as a kid. That's for OTS Overall fave series would have to be Deep Space 9. I have to put Cisco up as my fave captain

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On 6/12/2018 at 5:13 PM, JamesHackerMP said:

I don't bother to watch most of the original Star Trek. It's not as good as its successor spin-offs, imho. But there are a few episodes that are my favorites, that I will actually watch. It was a decent program, and probably thought-provoking at the time.

in no particular order, 14 of my favorites; many of them aren't as watchable as these:

The Naked Time (s1e5)

Mudd's Women (s1e7) Harry Mudd and his subspace-order brides

Balance of Terror (s1e15) basically a remake of some old movie about a US sub duking it out with its Japanese counterpart, I forget the name....Enemy Below?

Shore Leave (s1e16)

Space Seed (s1e23) in which we are introduced to Khan Noonian Singh (KAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANH!)

A Taste of Armageddon (s1e24) The planet that fights its war by computers, counts up the casualties (and importantly, WHO were the casualties, so they can report to suicide stations)

Amok Time (s2e1) AKA "Spock gets horny"

The Doomsday Machine (s2e6)

Journey to Babel (s2e10) Say, wasn't Mark Leonard also the Romulan in Balance of Terror? can you say "recycling"?

The Trouble with Tribbles (s2e15) love this one, little furry bastards multiply like rabbits (or gremlins) and take over the Enterprise

A Piece of the Action (s2e17) A planet modeled after 1920's Chicago complete with mob bosses

Patterns of Force (s2e21) some idiot historian decides to try Fascism to unify a chaotic planet (whoops)

Assignment Earth (s2e26) for some idiot reason, the Enterprise goes back in time to do historical research and ends up messing with nuclear warheads. Wow, what a great idea.

The Enterprise Incident (s3e2) this is the most watchable episode of the ones I have seen of season 3.



I guess I am what they call a Trekie. I watched all the Star Trek series that came out with Kirk and Spock as the two leading characters in that show. I think I must have watched pretty much all of them at least three times each. My other favorite Star Trek like series was called The Next Generation with Patrick Stewart. I have to say that I enjoyed that series even more. There were other Star Trek like shows created but those two mentioned above were my favorites. :)

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On 10/27/2018 at 2:58 PM, bush_cheney2004 said:

I started recording all the Star Trek episodes when they were re-mastered in HD with added graphics...now all episodes are available for streaming (e.g. Netflix).   Mostly preferred the more technical episodes, and loathed the silly Elizabethan knock offs that permitted Shatner's acting to go over the top or have Captain Kirk busy trying to nail every female alien in the galaxy.

Great program....groundbreaking television....comfort for boomers like me.

Kirk got the best parts in the Star Trek series. Kirk got to kiss many gals.  Lol. 

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My favourite episode is "Day of the Dove", in which the Enterprise is taken over by a bunch of Klingons. As with most of the original series episodes there is a deeper message about human nature. Day of the Dove can be watched here:



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PBS recently aired William Shatner's Chaos on the Bridge, which is the story of Gene Roddenberry's re-launch of Star Trek franchise.   I watched the full program and was amazed at how much infighting and drama was at play for Next Generation.   Shatner laughs and snickers at the stories from his experience/perspective as Captain Kirk on TOS.   Unfortunately, Roddenberry was already in poor health and dying, losing control of the "creative process" as a result.   Eventually, experienced writers told the producers that the show would fail unless they abandoned the notion of a conflict free Star Trek, and adopted more "F&F"....fighting and fornication by the characters to save the series.   No wonder Kirk was banging everything that moved on his scanner.




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25 minutes ago, JamesHackerMP said:

I remember from that documentary that, in the Captain's Holiday episode, Roddenberry wanted men on men, women on women, etc. on Risa, but Maurice Hurley or whoever told the writers "Just get the captain laid."


Right....one writer had an idea for a "Pleasure Planet" episode, which Roddenberry liked.  

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These are my favorite Voyager episodes. I have by no means seen them all, however:

S1: Caretaker (Pilot), Eye of the Needle, Heroes and Demons

S2: The 37's, Death Wish

S3: Future's End, The Q and the Grey, Scorpion

S4: The Gift, Day of Honor,, The Killing Game

S5: Night, Bride of Chaotica, Relativity

S6: Collective, Unimatrix Zero

S7: Q2, Author Author,  (haven't seen the last episode)


Best of Enterprise : (I haven't watched the 3rd season however, and there's a few I still haven't watched). Several Are two or three parters with different titles:

S1: Broken Bow, Fight or Flight, Unexpected, The Andorian Incident, Breaking the Ice, Dear Doctor, Shuttlepod One, Fallen hero, Two Days & Two Nights

S2: Carbon Creek, Dead Stop, A Night in Sickbay, Precious Cargo, Cease Fire, Regeneration, First Flight

S3: Storm Front

S4: The Forge/Awakening/Kir'Shara, Babel One/United/The Aenar, In a Mirror Darkly, Demons/Terra Prime, These Are the Voyages


I don't remember which episode, but Dr Phlox is seen feeding a Tribble to one of his "pets". Too funny. I also like how there's no "shields" on the Enterprise (NX-01), he has to say "polarize the hull!". And there's no Federation, Earth is "starting out" under the thumb of its Vulcan protectors because they don't trust humanity yet.


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The Tholian Web is by far my favourite.  Also did a lot of Star Fleet Battles as a kid. That's for OTS

Overall fave series would have to be Deep Space 9. I have to put Cisco up as my fave captain.

But the  Star Trek I really want to see, and now that might be possible is  'Prelude to Axanar'   and after a big battle with Paramount, they have been given the green light to go ahead with the project. I think that is coming on the heals of 'Discovery', which had potential, but overal fails in my view. The first two eps were super amazing and I loved the Klingons new look and feel. They felt very alien and very fleshed out as a species and culture.

I highly recommend checking out the Axanar project. It has a lot of potential if done in that 'documentary' style, but even the other footage of the live acting is top notch. Does not hurt to have veteran Trek actors pitching in.

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What's your favorite series of Star Trek, if I may ask? Or of the movies?

Enterprise I like as the best series. More minimalist in some respects. No federation, just a bunch of inexperienced humans exploring the galaxy under the watchful eye of a Vulcan chaperone. I also like how they're afraid of the transporter.

Favorite movies: probably IV (Voyage Home) and VI (Undiscovered Country) with an honorable mention going to First Contact and Nemesis (both next gen movies).


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